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Department of Anesthesiology Elective Catalog Pain Medicine Elective

Pain Medicine Elective

Preceptor: Kristoffer Padjen, MD, Christopher Gharibo, MD
Telephone: (212) 201-1004

Prerequisites: Completion of Surgery OR Medicine Clerkship


Pain is an integral component of human experience. Therefore, understanding the etiologies, pathogenesis and treatment of pain is a crucial component of any clinical education. This understanding is of particular relevance in the setting of the current “epidemic” of prescription and non-prescription opioid abuse. This elective will familiarize the medical student with acute and chronic pain pathologies, both common and obscure, in both the inpatient and outpatient populations. The student will be introduced to means to determine nociceptive, neuropathic and emotional components of pain in each patient. Clinical strategies to eliminate or reduce opioids will be introduced for outpatient and inpatient settings. The wide-ranging non-pharmacological and interventional therapies used in pain medicine will be of benefit across all medical specialties. Finally, students will gain experience with cutting edge pain research. This is essential information that will improve any physician’s ability to practice medicine.

Objectives of the Elective

The aim of the elective is to familiarize medical students with acute and chronic pain pathologies in both the in- and outpatient populations.

Didactic Program

7:30-8:30 AM Lecture with assigned faculty
Procedures and Clinic with faculty
*Subject to change based on faculty availability

Week 1

  • Monday Day 1: Orientation (ACC Clinic and Procedural Suite)
    Lecture: Low Back and Cervical Pain-Padjen Procedures and Clinic with Dr. Padjen

  • Tuesday Day 2: Outpatient Pain Clinic (Bellevue Clinic)
    Lecture: History and Physical Exam-Voiculescu
    Procedures and Clinic with Dr. Voiculescu

  • Wednesday Day 3: Interventional Head and Neck Clinic (ACC Clinic and Procedure Suite)
    Lecture: Head and Neck Pain-Delfino Procedures and Clinic with Dr. Delfino

  • Thursday Day 4: Interventional Pain Clinic (CMC)
    Lecture: Interventional Pain Medicine-Gharibo Clinic and Procedures with Dr. Gharibo

  • Friday Day 5: Fundamentals of Pain Research (Tisch Laboratories)
    Lecture: Pain Research Topics Lab/Research Experience with Dr. Doan and Dr. Wang

Week 2

  • Monday Day 6: Inpatient Chronic Pain Medicine (Tisch Inpatient)
    Lecture: Cancer Pain and Palliative Care Medicine Inpatient experience with Dr. Zou

  • Tuesday Day 7: Outpatient Pain Clinic (ACC Clinic and Procedural Suite)
    Lecture: Peripheral Joint and Myofascial Pain-Michalisin Procedures and Clinic with Dr. Michalisin

  • Wednesday Day 8: Inpatient Acute Pain Medicine (Tisch Inpatient)
    Lecture: Postoperative, acute and inpatient pain medicine-Calvino Inpatient experience with Drs. Calvino and Chen

  • Thursday Day 9: Outpatient Pain Clinic (ACC Clinic and Procedural Suite)
    Lecture: Complementary and Alternative Pain Medicine-Khan Clinic and Procedures with Dr. Khan

  • Friday Day 10: Outpatient Pain Clinic (West Side Clinic)
    Lecture: Pharmacologic Therapy for Nociceptive and Neuropathic Pain States-Largi West Side Clinic with Dr. Largi

Method of Evaluation

Evaluation is based on completed attending evaluation forms and oral evaluation with topics to be drawn from the list of key topics.

Scheduling Information

Months Offered: 2 weeks in April, November and February
Report To: The Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain-NYU Ambulatory Care Center, 14th Floor, 240 East 38th Street, NY, NY 10016. Questions may be sent to Kristoffer Padjen,
Students Per Period: 4
Duration: 2 Weeks