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MD Registration & Student Records MD Student & Graduate Service Forms

MD Student & Graduate Service Forms

The Office of Registration and Student Records maintains permanent academic records for all students and graduates of NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

Services for current students include registration, updating personal addresses and information, processing course drop and add requests, recording and distributing grades and evaluations, and processing applications for the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination.

Our office also processes alumni requests for transcripts, certificates of enrollment, degree verification, and other materials needed to obtain licensure or professional appointment.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) works to maintain your privacy as a student. With that, you may need to access or amend your records, review how the FERPA discloses personal identifiable information, or find out how to file a complaint.

Transcripts, Diplomas, and Credential Verification

We provide official transcripts to third-party institutions, licensing boards, and educational programs at a cost of $4 for each requested document. Unofficial transcripts are available for a fee of $4 per transcript.

Because you receive only one NYU Grossman School of Medicine diploma, you may need to make copies to apply for medical licensure or jobs. We certify the authenticity of copies made from the original diploma, but some licensing boards may also require these documents to be notarized. Please check the state requirements directly.

All hospitals and medical organizations are required to verify your MD degree and some may request a certificate of your graduation. Please submit all requests for MD degree verification by mail with an original signature.

Student and Alumni Forms

Use the following forms to request a student service.

Affidavit of Change of Name

Submit proof of a name change with notarized documentation using the affidavit of change of name form.

Change of Information

Update personal information including your name, class year, address, or telephone number with the change of information form.

Request for Documents

Students who wish to request enrollment confirmation, diploma certification, deans’ letters of recommendation, official transcripts or degree verification can use the request for documents form.

Be sure to include your full name, as well as the recipient’s complete name and address on the request for documents form. Make checks for official transcripts payable to NYU Grossman School of Medicine. There are no fees for diploma verification, graduation certifications, or deans’ letters.

Although you may request a certification of graduation for an institution or program, all hospitals and medical organizations are required to verify your degree at the primary source. Organizations may do so by sending a written request to the Office of Registration and Student Records.

Other Options for Earning Elective Credits

You can also earn elective credits in custom areas by completing an individual preceptorship or elective. To do this, you need guidance from a faculty mentor and approval from the senior associate dean for medical education.

To explore these options, complete the appropriate application (preceptorship, research elective, service learning elective) and submit it to the Registrar’s Office as indicated on the form.

State Licensure Verification

Because licensure rules vary by location, we recommend that you carefully read all instructions provided with your licensure forms to determine individual state requirements regarding your medical school transcript. If the state requires you to submit a transcript with your licensure application, please include your licensure forms with your transcript request so that both documents can be sent together directly to the state licensing board.

Submit a Student Service Request

Submit your student or alumni service request to the Office of Registration and Student Records, 550 First Avenue, MS G90, New York, NY, 10016, or email your completed forms to Carmen Vera, Office of Registration and Student Records project coordinator, at

Arrears Policy

NYU Grossman School of Medicine reserves the right to deny student registration, bar promotion, or withhold release of academic records to anyone who owes tuition, fees, or other charges related to housing, dining, or other student activities until payment is resolved. We also reserve the right not to promote the student from one semester to another and to prohibit attendance at graduation in case of payment arrears.