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Department of Emergency Medicine Elective Catalog Advanced Emergency Medicine Elective

Advanced Emergency Medicine Elective

Preceptors: May Li, MD and Masashi Rotte, MD
Ellie Pena, Administrator, Undergraduate Medical Education Program EM
Course Code: 17-06
Telephone: (212) 263-8684

Prerequisites: NYU Students may register for this elective after completion of the selective in Emergency Medicine, or the completion of the Emergency Medicine Elective or the completion of the Surgery-Related Emergency Medicine Elective. Exceptions to this will be made ONLY by the director of undergraduate medical education.


The Advanced Elective in Emergency Medicine is a Sub-Internship for students applying for an Emergency Medicine residency. This Elective will expose the student to the diverse spectrum of clinical problems encountered in the Emergency Department. The student will gain experience in the evaluation and treatment of various acute medical and surgical disorders. The student will work closely with the senior residents and faculty of the Emergency Department in the diagnosis and management of both critically and non-critically ill patients. In addition to the patient care responsibilities, there will be dedicate didactic lectures, workshops, weekly conferences and journal club.

Objectives of the Elective

Students will learn how to think critically in the busy Emergency Department setting. Students will be expected to manage more than one patient simultaneously, devise and implement appropriate patient care plans and see their patients through to disposition. The student will also learn to understand and apply evidence-based emergency medicine in the clinical setting.

Key Responsibilities of the Student While on Elective

  1. Students will have direct patient management responsibility under close supervision by the attending faculty.
  2. Mandatory attendance for all activities, including clinical shifts in Emergency Department, didactic lectures, ultrasound workshops, SIM sessions and conferences
  3. Students will be scheduled for a variety of shifts varying in length from 8-12 hours and will be rotated a clinical schedule of days, evenings, nights and weekends.

Didactic Program

Students will participate in dedicated tabletop case-based conferences, high fidelity simulation sessions, and weekly resident conference.

Method of Evaluation

There are daily evaluation forms for each clinical shift. Participation in conferences and lectures is encouraged. There is a required case presentation at the end of the elective.

Scheduling Information

Months Offered: May - October
Report To: 8AM, Bellevue Hospital Adult Emergency Dept. (Emergency Department Conference Room - 1st floor)
Students Per Period: 12
Duration: Four Weeks

Comments: Students will be expected to work on weekend and overnight shifts. All orientation activities are mandatory.

Note: For this specific elective, visiting student applications will be processed through AAMC’s Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) program. The VSLO Application Service (aka VSAS) enables students to browse and apply for this elective.