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Department of Ophthalmology Elective Catalog Advanced Ophthalmology Elective

Advanced Ophthalmology Elective

Preceptor: Zachary Elkin, MD
Course Code: 08-02
Contact: Carol Conforme, and Nicole Mazzone,
Address: 222 East 41st Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Prerequisite: Ophthalmology Surgery Related Elective, Ophthalmology Preceptorship, or Consultation Ophthalmology electives


This is a follow-up to the introductory Ophthalmology courses and is designed for students thinking of Ophthalmology as a career. Students will spend time at the NYU Langone Eye Center, and Bellevue Eye Clinic or the Manhattan VA Eye Clinic. Students will build on the clinical skills and knowledge learned in the introduction to ophthalmology elective.

Objectives of the Elective

During these four weeks the student will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the field through increased exposure to general and subspecialty clinics, the operating room, and faculty.

Key Responsibilities of the student while on Elective

  1. Demonstrate a basic fund of knowledge regarding eye anatomy, eye diseases and treatment, and diagnostic testing.
  2. Participate meaningfully in the care and management of eye patients in the general and specialty eye clinic including history and physical, exam, and assisting the resident in his or her clinic duties. Students may start seeing patients on their own under the guidance of residents and attendings and present their findings to residents and/or attendings.
  3. Attend all assigned clinics and all resident lectures/conferences including Grand Rounds.

Didactic Program

Students will participate in a medical student specific online didactic program. They are expected to independently learn about topics in ophthalmology and be prepared to discuss case presentations. Students will also have medical student surgical skills sessions. More information will be provided at the start of the rotation.

Method of Evaluation

Students are evaluated by the residents, the faculty preceptor and the director of residency training. Attendance at clinical sites and didactics is required. At the end of the rotations students will be expected to give an oral case presentation or participate in a project. Details will be discussed during the rotation.

Scheduling Information

Months Offered: April through September
Report To: Report to:, 929-455-5926
Students Per Period: 4
Duration: 4 weeks

Note: For this specific elective, visiting student applications will be processed through AAMC’s Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) program. The VSLO Application Service (aka VSAS) enables students to browse and apply for this elective.