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Department of Otolaryngology Elective Catalog Otolaryngology Elective

Otolaryngology Elective

Preceptor: Max April, MD
Course Code: 11-01
Contact: Rosanna Gutierrez
Telephone: 212-263-6344

Prerequisites: Any One Core Clerkship


Students will actively participate in all aspects of patient care at their respective hospitals. This will include daily working rounds, teaching rounds, out-patient clinical experience, in-patient care and assisting in the operating room. The senior residents and attending staff will provide supervision and various weekly conferences should be attended. Experience is provided in head and neck oncology, otology and neurology, pediatric otolaryngology, endoscopy, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and additional aspects of general otolaryngology. All students will be taught how to perform a thorough head and neck examination, including minor endoscopy and the use of fiberoptic instruments. Management of otolaryngologic emergencies, including acute upper airway obstructions will be presented in virtual conference, and recordings are available for review on Brightspace.

Objectives of the Elective

The student will be taught how to perform a thorough physical examination of the head and neck. The management of otolaryngologic emergencies, especially upper airway obstruction, will be reviewed. The evaluation of the otolaryngology—head and neck patient with subsequent treatment alternatives will be discussed. A varied operating room experience will be provided at both hospitals, and a clinic experience will also be available at Bellevue.

Key Responsibilities of the Elective

  1. The student will attend daily patient working rounds, teaching rounds, specialty conferences, and out-patient clinics.
  2. The student's assistance will be required for in-patient care and operating room procedures.
  3. The student has the option of observing faculty office practice situations.

Didactic Program

The student is encouraged to attend and participate in all departmental conferences: weekly grand rounds on Mondays, and multidisciplinary head and neck tumor conference on Tuesdays. Monthly facial paralysis and reanimation center patient conference, and patient safety & quality improvement (PSQI) conference/ MM’s.

Method of Evaluation

Students are evaluated by the attending physician staff with the assistance and input from the senior residents.

Scheduling Information

Months Offered: All Year
Report To: 7:15 a.m. Rounds, Bellevue Hospital 7N, or page the on-call resident
Students Per Period: 6
Duration: 4 Weeks