Advanced EM Elective

Preceptors: Audrey (Bree) Tse, MD; May Li, MD; and Masashi Rotte, MD MPH
Ellie Pena, Emergency Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education Program Administrator
Course Code: 17-06
Telephone: (646) 501-6735


The Advanced Elective in Emergency Medicine is a "sub-internship" that will expose the senior medical student to the diverse spectrum of clinical problems encountered in the Emergency Department. The student will gain experience in the assessment and treatment of various acute medical and surgical disorders.  The student will work closely with the senior residents and faculty of the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine in the diagnosis and management of both critically and non-critically ill patients. In addition to the patient care responsibilities, there will be dedicated didactic lectures, simulation sessions, procedure and ultrasound workshops, and a weekly resident conference.

Objectives of the Elective:

Students will learn how to think critically in various busy urban Emergency Department settings. Students will be expected to manage more than one patient simultaneously, devise and implement appropriate patient care plans, and follow and re-evaluate their patients through to disposition.  They will be expected to take concise History & Physicals, present cases to residents and attendings, and communicate and work efficiently within a team.  The student will also learn to understand and apply evidence-based emergency medicine in the clinical setting.

Key Responsibilities of the student while on Elective:

  1. Students will have direct patient management responsibility under close supervision by the attending faculty.
  2. Mandatory attendance for all activities, including two days of orientation, clinical shifts, didactic lectures, ultrasound and procedure workshops, SIM sessions, and conferences.
  3. Students will be scheduled for a variety of shifts at the Ronald O. Perelman ED, Bellevue Hospital, and NYU Brooklyn Medical Center in Sunset Park.  They will work with NYU EM Faculty at all sites.  The shifts are 8 hours in length and will encompass a variety of days, evenings, nights, and weekends.

Paired Mentorship:

Each visiting student will be paired with an EM faculty mentor with a special interest in education and mentoring.  During the 4-week rotation the student will work with that faculty member for 3-4 clinical shifts.  This provides each student with the opportunity to get to know a faculty member on a more personal level, as well as for the faculty member to evaluate how the student progresses over the rotation.  Each faculty mentor will provide an assessment for their mentee at the end of the rotation which enhances the SLOE constructed by the UME Team.

Didactic Program:

Students will participate in dedicated flipped classroom lectures taught by EM faculty and senior residents, an airway simulation lab, a central venous line lab, simulation sessions in critical care, weekly residency conference, and daily morning report.  We also hold a Leadership Forum specifically for our visiting medical students each month where Leaders in the Emergency Department participate in a Q&A session.  Speakers include leaders in administration, quality improvement, ultrasound, toxicology, research, residency/Graduate Medical Education, social medicine, simulation, international EM, and pediatric EM.

Method of Assessment:

The majority of your assessment consists of daily electronic assessment forms for each clinical shift to be completed by both residents and attendings. Participation in conferences and lectures is strongly encouraged (attendance is mandatory). There is a required case presentation at the end of the elective.  Your faculty mentor will complete an assessment for the UME Team to help craft your SLOE.

The NYU residency team will conduct interviews with visiting students who are enrolled in the Advanced Elective in Emergency Medicine.  These interviews will occur during your month rotating with us on preset dates; if you choose not to interview during your month with us, a later interview will not be guaranteed.  We will not schedule clinical shifts or educational responsibilities on the preset interview dates.  Those who do choose to interview during their rotation at NYU will still need to apply to NYU Emergency Medicine residency via ERAS in mid-September.  If you are planning on interviewing during your rotation with us, please remember to bring your interview suit to NYC.

Scheduling Information:

  • Dates offered for academic year 2020-2021:

    • June  05/26/20-06/21/20
    • July  06/29/20-07/26/20
    • August  07/27/20-08/23/20
    • September  08/24/20-9/20/20
    • October  09/28/20-10/25/20 
  • Students Per Period: ~2 to 14 depending on the month
  • Duration: Four weeks
  • NYU Langone Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital Center are located in Manhattan, NYC (NYU: 34th St and 1st Ave; Bellevue: 28th St and 1st Ave). NYU Brooklyn is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  NYU and Bellevue are accessible via the 24-hour subway and various bus lines, and NYU Brooklyn is accessible via the 24-hour subway and on weekdays, a free hourly NYU ferry that departs from the East River Ferry Terminal at 35th St and returns from Sunset Park every hour. In addition, commuting bikes and car services are very easy to use in Manhattan.
  • Visiting medical students will be responsible for securing their own housing for the month but please reach out to us if you need any guidance.
  • The application for the Advanced EM Elective for visiting students opens on March 1st.
  • We aim to let applicants know of their status at least 2 months before the start of their desired rotation month

Initial application must include:

The NYU Visiting Student Application stamped with your school's seal, and it must be mailed to us at:

Bellevue Hospital Center
Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine
Attn: Ellie Pena
462 First Avenue, Suite A345
New York, NY 10016

All other documents can be sent electronically to:

Of note, we do not use VSAS.  If you are interested in the Advanced EM Elective at NYU, please submit your application materials as soon as possible.  We receive more applications than we can accept every year and the sooner your material has been submitted, the sooner we can review applications and inform students of their acceptance.  While we would love to accept all interested medical students, we look for strong academic and clinical applicants who demonstrate interest in rotating at our varied Emergency Departments who will thrive in a fast-paced, demanding, but highly rewarding environment.  We aim to let applicants know of their status at least 2 months before the start of their desired rotation month.

Secondary application must include:  

Once you’re approved to rotate at NYU, the second application includes:

  • Letter of good standing from your medical school, dated in the last calendar year
  • Complete proof of standard vaccinations form (including flu vaccine within the last calendar year and negative tuberculosis screening)
  • N-95 mask fit certification
  • Copy of your valid (up-to-date) Basic Life Support Certification
  • Proof of Malpractice Insurance with a minimum of $1 million per occurrence and $3 million aggregate
  • $125 application fee, due to the NYU registrar’s office on the first day of the elective

URM Scholarship:

NYU Langone/ Bellevue is proud to offer the Emergency Medicine Visiting Elective Scholarship for Fourth-Year URM Students.  We welcome URM Students (per the Association of American Medical Colleges’ definition of URMs: individuals of black, Latino, and Native-American race and ethnicity) who apply to rotate in our Visiting Elective in Emergency Medicine starting in June 2020 through October 2020 to apply for a $1000 scholarship for their rotation in NYC. 

In your application, please state your URM status and if you are applying for the scholarship.  We will review all applications and inform you whether you will be a recipient of the scholarship.  If you are accepted to the rotation but not chosen as a recipient, this does not preclude you from rotating in our Visiting Elective.  

Information about the NYU School of Medicine diversity scholarship is available here here.

Please contact us with any questions and we look forward to working with you in the near future!

Audrey (Bree) Tse, MD
Director of Undergraduate Medical Education in Emergency Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Masashi Rotte, MD, MPH
Associate Director of Undergraduate Medical Education in Emergency Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

May Li, MD
Associate Director of Undergraduate Medical Education in Emergency Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Ellie Pena
Emergency Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education Program Administrator