Devi Thiagarajan, PhD, Associate Research Scientist

Devi Thiagarajan, PhDIncidences of metabolic syndrome have increased at alarming rates worldwide. Epigenetics plays an important role in the development and predisposition of particular symptoms of metabolic diseases.

I received my Ph.D. in epigenetics.  I have successfully used this skill to delineate the mechanism of metabolic syndrome. During my postdoctoral training, I researched the secondary complications of diabetes in the heart, by associating the polyol pathway and how it results in the ectopic lipid accumulation in the heart. Subsequently, I was involved in studying the epigenetic events leading to increased cancer susceptibility in aging population. In addition to cancer studies, I examined the general mechanisms of cellular senescence.

As an Associate Research Scientist in the Diabetes Research Program, my main focus is to study the role of senescence in metabolic syndrome including heart diseases and obesity.


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