Asthma Research

Asthma and Airways Diseases

The Pulmonary Division of New York University and Bellevue Hospital have an active clinical and translational research program in asthma and airways diseases under the direction of Dr. Joan Reibman, and Dr Linda Rogers. The clinical program is focused at the longstanding Bellevue Hospital Asthma Clinic, a program of over 3,000 adults, most with moderate-severe persistent asthma.

Research areas include epidemiology, physiology, genetics and immunology as well as clinical trials in asthma management. These studies include epidemiologic studies performed in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Medicine to understand the role of pollution and asthma control, physiologic studies to characterize physiologic correlates of longstanding asthma and distal airways disease. There is an ongoing gene banking program to study disease modifying genes in asthma with a focus on gene and environment interaction. We are the Principal Investigators of the New York Consortium of the American Lung Association Asthma Clinical Research Centers, a program for interventional clinical trials. The role of environmental pollutants in the mucosal immune response in asthma is being studied with the use of human bronchial epithelial cells to study signaling pathways, gene transcription, and effector pathways to elicit dendritic cell and lymphocyte involvement.

We began the World Trade Center Environmental Health Center, currently a program under the public hospital system as a response to study and treat the effects of the dust and fumes from the destruction of the World Trade Center on the local community. This program now treats nearly 5,000 individuals and is used to study adverse respiratory effects using epidemiologic, physiologic and immunologic methods.

These studies have been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, The American Lung Association, the Stony-Wold Herbert Foundation, the Chest Foundation and the Colton Family Foundation and the City of New York.