Collaborators within NYU Langone:

Stuart Katz, MD 
Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Professor of Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics
Harmony Reynolds, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Division of Cardiology)
Howard Trachtman, MD 
Professor of Pediatric Nephrology

Collaborators outside NYU Langone:


Susan Slaugenhaupt, PhD: Dr. Slaugenhaupt is a Professor of Genetics at Mass General Hospital. She is a long time collaborator with the Center and was a key part of the team that discovered the responsible gene mutation in familial dysautonomia.





Joel G Gutierrez, MD: Dr. Gutierrez is a Professor of Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology at Havana Medical University in Cuba. He visits the Center on an annual basis to collaborate on research activities in the field of Neurophysiology. He is currently studying brainstem reflexes in patients with familial dysautonomia.





Dimitri Olgorodnikov, PhD: Dr. Olgorodnikov is a Senior Systems Engineer and collaborates on several research projects at the Center, providing technical support in the laboratory.





Vaughan Macefield, PhD: Dr. Macefield is the Foundation Chair of Integrative Physiology and Professor at the School of Medicine, University of Western Sydney. The former NMHRC Senior Research Fellow used his advanced training in human neurophysiology in Sweden and the USA to collaborate on several research studies to understand the neurophysiological abnormalities underlying the sensory and autonomic features in patients with familial dysautonomia.




Thomas Hedges, MD: Dr. Hedges is Director of the Neuro-Ophthalmology Service at the New England Eye Center of Tuffs University. He is collaborating on a project to understand the retinal structure in patients with familial dysautonomia. 




Our Rare Autonomic Disorders Collaborators