Renal injury markers in FD

Status: Recruiting

Biomarkers of Early Renal Injury in Patients with Familial Dysautonomia: Our ultimate goal is to be able to detect the early onset and stop the progression of chronic kidney disease in patients with familial dysautonomia. The first purpose of this pilot project is to identify early, non-invasive biomarkers of renal injury. The second purpose of this project is to to establish a panel of renal injury biomakers to monitor the progression of renal disease. This study in being carried out in collaboration with Dr. Howard Tractman (Professor of Pediatric Nephrology at NYU Langone Medical Center). 

Eligibility: The study is open to people with familial dysautonomia age 4 years and older.  

IRB#: S#13-00279

Sponsor: Dysautonomia Foundation, Inc.