Skin Innervation in Orthostatic Hypotension

Status: Recruiting

Skin Biopsies in Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension: Neurogenic orthostatic hypotension is most often associated with diseases involving the abnormal deposition of the protein alpha-synuclein in nerves and glial cells. In this study, we will take a small skin biopsy and stain the sample to look for the abnormal protein deposits in skin. Our hope is that this technique will be able to provide a diagnostic test to determine the cause of the autonomic dysfunction and provide evidence for how best to manage the clinical features of the disease. This study is in collaboration with researchers at Beth Israel (Harvard) and investigators in the Autonomic Disorders Consortium.

Eligibility: The study is open to people with orthostatic hypotension above the age of 18 years.

IRB#: 08-1408

Sponsor: National Institutes for Health