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Horacio Kaufmann, MD
Felicia Axelrod, MD
Lucy N. Kaufmann, PhD

Selected recently published articles:

Hyperdopaminergic crises in familial dysautonomia: a randomized trial of carbidopa. Norcliffe-Kaufmann L, Martinez J, Axelrod F, Kaufmann H. Neurology. 2013 Apr 23;80(17):1611-7. PMID: 23553478 

Can loss of muscle spindle afferents explain the ataxic gait in Riley-Day syndrome? Macefield VG, Norcliffe-Kaufmann L, Gutiérrez J, Axelrod FB, Kaufmann H. Brain. 2011 Nov;134(Pt 11):3198-208. PMID: 22075519 

 The Orthostatic Hypotension Questionnaire (OHQ): validation of a novel symptom assessment scale. Kaufmann H, Malamut R, Norcliffe-Kaufmann L, Rosa K, Freeman R. Clin Auton Res. 2012 Apr;22(2):79-90. PMID: 22045363  

Afferent baroreflex failure in familial dysautonomia. Norcliffe-Kaufmann L, Axelrod F, Kaufmann H. Neurology. 2010 Nov 23;75(21):1904-11. PMID: 21098405 

Clinical neuro-ophthalmic findings in familial dysautonomia. Mendoza-Santiesteban CE, Hedges TR 3rd, Norcliffe-Kaufmann L, Warren F, Reddy S, Axelrod FB, Kaufmann H.J Neuroophthalmol. 2012 Mar;32(1):23-6. PMID: 21918475

Cardiac-locked bursts of muscle sympathetic nerve activity are absent in familial dysautonomia.Macefield VG, Norcliffe-Kaufmann L, Axelrod FB, Kaufmann H. J Physiol. 2013 Feb 1;591(Pt 3):689-700. PMID:

Pure autonomic failure: a restricted Lewy body synucleinopathy or early Parkinson disease?Kaufmann H, Goldstein DS. Neurology. 2010 Feb 16;74(7):536-7. PMID: 20157156