Guided Learning

Conferences and didactics

Academic conferences are integrated into the weekly schedule to minimize disruption of patient care and allow full resident participation.

Beginning in September of each year, residents attend a minimum of eight hours of protected learning experiences and conferences.

Tuesdays begin at 8:00 am with Adult Neurology Grand Rounds. At 12:00 noon, residents attend Pediatric Neurology Grand Rounds. Each week on Tuesdays there is a 1:00 pm child-neurology specific didactic lecture series which covers the core child neurology curriculum over the course of each resident’s training. A resident-run journal club with critical analysis is held approximately monthly.

Wednesday morning Pediatric Tumor Board takes place which residents are encouraged to attend at least monthly. At 12 noon on both Wednesday and Thursday, there are additional lectures on neurophysiology and other core academic areas, such as principles of ICU management.

On Fridays at 8 am, there is a weekly pediatric neurology neuroradiology conference during which neuroimaging from current patients is reviewed. Residents also attend an hour-long noon lecture on adult neuroradiology. There are separate neuropathology conferences including periodic hand-on gross pathology and brain-cutting sessions.  Separate pediatric fetal neuroradiology conferences and pediatric neuromuscular conferences occur quarterly, as do joint interdisciplinary conferences with the developmental and behavioral pediatric fellows and pediatric neurocritical care conferences with the pediatric intensivists.

During the summer, regular conferences and other didactic sessions are suspended. In their place, first-year residents receive each Friday two hours of an intensive introductory lecture series covering essential topics in neurological patient care.

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Residents are evaluated periodically throughout their training, both individually and personally over the course of each rotation, with confidential formal feedback also given through use of an electronic evaluation system which allows for 360 degree evaluation. Residents are given the opportunity to give both direct informal as well as formal confidential feedback to all faculty and staff regarding any and all aspects of the program. Trainees are given holistic evaluations in conjunction with feedback from a formal clinical competency committee at least semi-annually, and evaluations and feedback are geared towards facilitating and ensuring appropriate progression along the ACGME-mandated child neurology milestones. All aspects of clinical learning are assessed including the core competencies of medical knowledge, practice based learning and improvement, systems based practice, professionalism, and interpersonal skills and communication.

Residents also help shape the direction and continuing improvement of our program through active feedback and involvement in a program evaluation committee at least annually. Our program director is also available for informal meetings and feedback throughout the year, with an open-door policy. Residents can also request and obtain copies of any and all feedback which is maintained electronically at any time.

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Neurology faculty serve as mentors to junior residents and help guide them through challenges throughout their residency training, to facilitate in clinical training, research, and quality improvement initiatives as well as professional career advancement.

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Resident Supervision

The cornerstone of educational program is the faculty supervision of resident activities. Daily teaching rounds occur on the child neurology consult and epilepsy monitoring services. Discussions focus on differential diagnosis, diagnostic approach, and therapeutic options. Academic dialogue, clinical and laboratory characteristics of rare illnesses and current trends in the neurological literature are presented by the senior staff members. Bedside rounds enhance clinical examination skills, and patient hand-offs are and supervised and serve as teaching opportunities as well.

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