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Department of Neurology Education Neurology Residency Training

Neurology Residency Training

NYU Langone’s Department of Neurology offers Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)–accredited neurology residency training programs in adult neurology, child neurology, and neurology and psychiatry. We are committed to excellent clinical training with a well-balanced, hands-on experience in neurology. Residents gain exposure to a broad patient base and a diverse faculty, and have the opportunity to rotate in five hospitals and multiple outpatient clinics in New York City. Basic science and clinical research opportunities are available and encouraged during residency.

We provide expert instruction and numerous educational programs in a nurturing, collegial setting, helping residents develop into well-rounded neurologists. You learn the science and art of neurology with a focus on culturally competent, evidence-based, compassionate care. Meet our current neurology residents and recent alumni.

VIDEO: NYU Langone’s Department of Neurology offers residency training in Manhattan and Brooklyn for the next generation of neurologists.

Our adult neurology residency program consists of two different tracks: the Manhattan track and the Brooklyn track. Residents on our Manhattan track rotate through NYU Langone’s Tisch Hospital, NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital, NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue, the Manhattan campus of the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System, and outpatient clinics in Manhattan. Residents on our Brooklyn track rotate through NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn and the Family Health Centers at NYU Langone, and also have the opportunity to rotate through outpatient clinics in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Take a virtual tour to explore our residency training sites.

NYU Langone’s free ferry service, a scenic 30-minute boat ride, connects Tisch Hospital on the East Side of Manhattan to NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn.

Additionally, NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine offers a three-year, accredited Neurology Residency that fosters interest in clinical and basic neuroscience research and trains physicians to become exceptional clinical neurologists.

Guided Learning for Residents

We offer academic conferences throughout the week, scheduled at times that are most conducive to resident education. Brooklyn campus residents can take part in lectures given at the Manhattan campus through a state-of-the-art videoconferencing system.

Daily Conferences

Daily conferences take place weekdays at 8:00AM and 12:00PM. These include didactic sessions led by a combination of faculty and residents on various topics in neurology. One hour every Friday is dedicated to a neuroradiology conference, at which we review images from inpatients and outpatients from all three NYU Langone hospitals under the guidance of neuroradiology faculty. Video of these conferences is streamed live to NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn.

Morning Report and Professor Rounds

Morning Report and Professor Rounds both occur twice a week in Manhattan from 8:00AM to 9:00AM. Morning Report is held weekly at NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, and Professor Rounds at the Manhattan campus are streamed live once a week. Additional morning lectures at NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn include monthly electroencephalography–epilepsy, electromyography, and interventional neuroradiology conferences.

Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum

The Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum is a biweekly journal review and lecture series on important issues in clinical research. These sessions, held Mondays at 12:00PM, prepare residents to interpret and participate in clinical research. View an example of our Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum.

Basics of Neurology Boot Camp

During the summer months, our Basics of Neurology Boot Camp reviews the anatomy behind the neurological examination and addresses common issues that arise in inpatient neurological consultation. Residents also participate in stroke simulation sessions, lumbar puncture workshops, neurocritical care emergencies, and neuro-ophthalmology exams at the New York Simulation Center for the Health Sciences (NYSIM). View our 2021 Basics of Neurology Boot Camp Schedule.

During the initial months of residency, faculty members observe each first-year neurology resident performing a full neurological examination. Residents receive immediate feedback on ways to improve and nuances of the exam.

Neurology Grand Rounds

We hold Neurology Grand Rounds at 8:00AM and Pediatric Neurology Grand Rounds at 12:00PM on Tuesdays. Distinguished speakers from NYU Langone and other leading local, national, and international institutions update our residents and faculty on the latest developments in neurology.

We hold Neurology Grand Rounds at the Brooklyn campus on the first Friday of each month at 8:00AM. In addition, our faculty and residents at the Brooklyn campus attend the Neurology Grand Rounds weekly sessions in Manhattan via videoconference.

Neurology Board Review Course

Our intensive Neurology Review Course is held each January and February, followed by the annual in-service self-assessment examination. We also make review materials for the American Academy of Neurology’s Residency In-Service Training Exam® (RITE®) available on a shared website.

Conferences and Workshops

We offer several multidisciplinary conference series, including neurovascular, presurgical epilepsy, movement disorders video rounds, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular, neuro-ophthalmology, clinical neuroscience, clinicopathological, and the brain tumor board. In addition, morbidity and mortality conferences are held regularly throughout the year. These are an opportunity to review important neurological presentations and complications of neurological disorders.

Workshops on botulinum toxin injection provide hands-on experience in the use of botulinum toxin to treat chronic migraine, spasticity, and dystonia.

Teleneurology Training and Simulation

Access to neurologic care is a challenge across the country, with a shortage of providers and many patients living far from facilities providing neurologic services. To address this, our Neurology Residency incorporates teleneurology training and simulations into the first-year curriculum for residents on the Manhattan and Brooklyn tracks.

The training program teaches residents how to virtually simulate the activities and assessments that are typically performed at an in-person neurology appointment. All simulations are conducted at the New York Simulation Center for the Health Sciences (NYSIM) at Bellevue. Residents practice conducting telehealth visits and diagnosing the symptoms of patient actors while being observed by a faculty member. The training is meant to help residents hone their telemedicine skills as more neurologic care moves to virtual platforms.

NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s teleneurology training is led by Neil A. Busis, MD, in collaboration with Scott N. Grossman, MD, Arielle M. Kurzweil, MD, and Mia T. Minen, MD, MPH.

Resident Mentoring Program

Every neurology resident is matched with a faculty mentor upon entering the program, on the basis of background and developing interests. Mentors meet with their mentees on a quarterly basis, offering career development guidance and helping to ensure the residents’ wellbeing throughout training. Mentors also facilitate networking within NYU Langone’s rich academic environment.

We have also created a peer mentor program in which residents are paired with peers in different years of training and meet individually as peer mentor families.

Resident Events

Our residents work hard learning the skills needed to become outstanding neurologists, but find there are many opportunities to enjoy their time in New York City while bonding with their fellow residents. Throughout the year, our residents participate in numerous social activities and extracurricular events, such as the American Heart Association Run/Walk, holiday parties, trips to provide medical care in developing countries, and sporting events.

The collaborative and supportive community here in the Department of Neurology fosters camaraderie and friendship among residents that lasts well beyond the training years.

Education: Learn to Teach

NYU Langone’s neurology residency program provides ample opportunity for residents to learn how to teach.

Examples include the following:

  • Residents-as-Teachers lectures
  • resident didactic lectures
  • resident-led grand rounds case presentations
  • simulation center training programs, such as mock stroke codes, lumbar puncture, and neurocritical care emergencies
  • presentations at our Patient-Oriented Research Curriculum
  • medical student clinical rotation teaching
  • nurse and nurse practitioner education
  • patient safety and quality improvement initiatives
  • medical student structured didactic presentations and group session leader
  • curriculum design
  • continuing medical education lectures and simulation center sessions

Residents who wish to focus on education during residency training may also join the education track within the residency. This track provides additional time and teaching instruction to medical students under faculty guidance. Students also participate in the refinement of the medical student and residency didactic curriculums, also with faculty guidance.

Residency Electives

Enrich your residency training with our subspecialty electives.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe our differences make us stronger and promote a culture of mutual respect in our education programs.

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