Our Research Projects

  Project Description Primary Investigator Study Contact Start/End Date Hours Skill Requirements Stipend

Clinical Research

Cranial- Skull base Comparing Pathology and Outcome for Meningiomas C. Sen          
  Prospective Cohort Study of Hearing, Vestibular and Facial Nerve Outcomes with Multimodality Treatment of Acoustic Neuromas J. Golfinos J. Golfinos        
  Retrospective Review of Multimodality Treatment for Acoustic Neuromas Over 10 years -- Clinical Outcomes J. Golfinos J. Golfinos        
Neuro-Oncology/tumor Pituitary Tumors -outcomes and MRI D. Placantonakis D. Placantonakis        
Radiosurgery Prospective Data Collection for Radiosurgery Outcomes D. Kondziolka D. Kondziolka        
  Acoustic Neuroma Outcomes after Resection or Radiosurgery D. Kondziolka D. Kondziolka        
  Novel Imaging Tools for Brain Metastases Assessments D. Kondziolka D. Kondziolka        
  Cognitive Outcomes in Brain Metastases Management D. Kondziolka D. Kondziolka        
Functional /Epilepsy Novel approaches and outcomes in pediatric epilepsy surgery H. Weiner          
  Human intracranial electrophysiology and electrocorticograpy H. Weiner          
  Translational research in tuberous sclerosis complex H. Weiner          
  Virtual Reality Tools to Assess Movement Disorders M. Pourfar          
  Structural, Functional & Effective Connectivity in Surgical Epilepsy Patients W. Doyle W. Doyle        
  iEEG in Contemplative Neuroscience W. Doyle W. Doyle        
  Computational Neuroscience using iEEG & fMRI in Epilepsy W. Doyle W. Doyle        
  Complexity & Functional Health in Epilepsy (& neuro-disorders) W. Doyle W. Doyle        
Pediatric Eye Tracking to Detect Hydrocephalus or Shunt Malfunction U. Samadani U. Samadani        
  Endoscopic resection of subependymal giant cell astrocytomas in tuberous sclerosis D. Harter D. Harter        
  Endoscopic resection of third ventricular tumors D. Harter D. Harter        
  Bellevue: History of Clinical Neuroscience at America's Oldest Public Hospital D. Harter D. Harter        
  Distal Shunt Patency Rates comparing Ventriculoperitoneal to Ventriculatrial Shunts D. Harter D. Harter        
Peripheral Nerve              
Trauma Eye Tracking as a Biomarker for Brain Injury U. Samadani U. Samadani        
  Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Improve Outcomes after TBI U. Samadani U. Samadani        
Spine Outcomes after Surgery for Hyperhidrosis N. Perin N. Perin        
  Outcomes using XLIF surgery: rates of fusion and failure N. Perin N. Perin        
  Use of a bile bag in incidental  spinal durotomy (Chart review) A. Frempong R. Strom        
  Spinal surgery & risk of bleeding on aspirin. (Chart review) A. Frempong R. Strom        
General Neurosurgical Morbidity in the Elderly D. Kondziolka          

Basic Science

  The role of glial fate determinant in glioma tumorigenesis H-R Song          
  Molecular mechanisms  of drug resistance in glioma stem cells H-R Song          
  The role of NFKb in glial fate decision and glial development H-R Song          
  NFIA as a molecular marker for astrocytoma H-R Song          
  pH signaling in interneuron function M. Chesler M. Chesler        
  pH signaling in NMDA receptor-mediated synaptic transmisssion M. Chesler M. Chesler        
  Role of pH signaling in short and long term synaptic plasticity M. Chesler M. Chesler        
  pH Regulation in Glioma M. Chesler N. Galifianakis        
  Cancer stem cell diversity in glioblastoma D. Placantonakis D. Placantonakis        
  Modeling gliomagenesis with human mebryonic stem cells D. Placantonakis D. Placantonakis