Electrodiagnostic Testing (spinal neurosurgery)

The most important evaluation for patients with nerve injuries, tumors, and compressions is an accurate and thorough medical history and physical examination. Electrical testing, including electromyography (needles placed in muscles) and nerve conduction studies (electrical stimulation and recording from the skin), is used to confirm and determine the severity of any clinical findings.

Because of its high sensitivity, electrical testing, like MRI, reveals vast amounts of information that may not be related to your condition. Therefore, it is important to correlate it with the physical exam. Electrical testing is also used to evaluate the likelihood of regeneration, as well as if the spinal rootlets have been detached from the spinal cord. Importantly, it also is used to differentiate nerve compression in the spine versus the extremity. Sometimes multiple examinations are performed to provide a trend. Specialized evoked potential testing and inching studies are also available.

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