Medical Students in Research

Medical Student who work with Dr. Placantonakis

Medical Student Name Project Year
August Dietrich (MS2 currently) Genetic Modification of Human Glioblastoma Stem Cells with Stem Cell–Specific Lentiviral Vectors. August works on using lentiviruses pseudotyped with the antibody against cell surface marker CD133 to transduce human glioblastoma stem cells. These experiments may lead to therapeutics directly targeting such stem cells. August was supported by the American Brain Tumor Association Medical Student Summer Fellowship for this work.                  Summer 2011
Richard Dowd (MS2 currently) Generating Transgenic Human Glioblastoma Stem Cells that Report Activation of the Notch Pathway. Richard works on tracking glioblastoma stem cells in vivo using reporters for the Notch pathway. He isolated a 1.2 kb fragment of the promoter of human Hes1 gene, which is transcribed after Notch activation. We are currently constructing a lentiviral vector that will express a fluorescent reporter under the control of the Hes1 promoter.                  Summer 2011
Chris Graffeo (MS2 currently) Chris Graffeo (MS2 currently)                  Summer 2011


Medical Student who work with Dr. Rice

Medical Student Name Project


Justin M. Thomas The role of K-ATP Channels in Hippocampal Physiology; this research using in vitro brain slices was conducted through the NYU SoM Honors Program. Summers of 2004 and 2006