The NYU Department of Ophthalmology is an international center for the study of vision, visual neuroscience, and the eye. From John E. Weeks, discoverer of Koch-Weeks bacillus in the first decade of this century, to cutting-edge research of next century, the NYU Department of Ophthalmology is at the forefront of medical research.

The Department primarily focuses on translational research, with the goal of making basic and clinical discoveries and bringing them to clinical patient care. Our main areas of current research include:

  • Treatment of corneal infections
  • Studying Herpes Zoster long term therapies¬†
  • Clinical application of advanced ocular imaging technologies
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma
  • Determination of the pathophysiology of glaucoma
  • Innovative treatments for glaucoma
  • Effect of glaucoma on quality of life and daily life activity
  • Visual pathway involvement in ocular disease using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Amblyopia and quality of vision
  • Low vision aid devices
  • Ocular microbiome
  • Treatment adherence
  • Telemedicine

The research is primarily funded by the National Institute of Health and other major funding institutes. Many of the research initiatives involve collaboration with other leading academic institutes, and trainees from a wide spectrum of career paths are involved in all aspects of research.