Presentations and Awards

2007 ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) Presentations

Bungee-Cord–Related Corneal Lacerations as Correction of Myopic Astigmatism.
S Reddy, J Myung, JA Young, JM Solomon


2005 ASCRS Research Grant Award

Central Corneal Thickness, Race, and Myopia.
NM Radcliffe, E Farris


2007 ARVO (Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology) Poster Presentations

Boston Keratoprosthesis : A Long-term Prospective Clinical Study
RJ Peralta, AJ Kanellopoulos 

Targeted Mouse Vascular Endothelial Cell Killing Using Gold Nanospheres
KL Masselam, JA Young, J Karen, C Hunzeker, PJ Yu, P Mignatti

Intraobserver and Interobserver Reliability and Reproducibility of Slit-Lamp-Adapted Optical Coherence Tomography (SL-OCT) for Evaluation of Anterior Chamber Depth and Central Corneal Thickness
JR Zelefsky, SF Sandler, S Dorairaj, SN Arthur, C Tello, R Ritch, JM Liebmann,

Post-Operative Intraocular Pressure in 20-Gauge verses 25-Gauge Vitrectomy for Macular Hole Repair 
A Angelilli, K Wald, A Athanikar, N Radcliffe, J Paccione, N Gross  

The Effect of Brimonidine 0.1% on Pupil Diameter and the Subsequent Change in Higher Order Aberrations Using Wavefront Analysis
JJ Wong, CE Starr

Optical Coherence Tomography/Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy (OCT/SLO) Imaging of Optic Nerve Head Drusen 
RN Patel, JP Shulman, KJ Chin, PT Finger

Scotopic Pupil Size & Refractive Surgery: Should We Be  Measuring the Dark Adapted Scotopic Pupil?
TM Kazam, EC Lai, CE Starr

Domestic and International Adoption of Podcasting for Distribution of Ophthalmology Research and Education 
N Ghaznawi, JA Young

The Effect of Ranibizumab on Occult CNV With Retinal Pigment Epithelial Detachment.
CC Teng, KJ Wald, A Athankikar, JC Paccione, N Gross  

Comparison of Central Corneal Thickness, Best Anterior and Posterior Cornea Sphere Measurement With Pentacam, Orbscan, and Ultrasound
SC Barbarino, AJ Kanellopoulos

Multifocal Visual Evoked Response: Evidence for Lateral Interactions 
JN Nam, J Gallardo, A Jue, W Seiple 

Ahmed Glaucoma Implant for Control of Refractory Glaucoma Following Penetrating Keratoplasty. A Challenging Management Venue
NM Radcliffe, HD Perry, AJ Kanellopoulos 

Post-Operative Visual Rehabilitation and Retinal Complication Results Following Phacoemulsification in High Myopia Patients
M Ewald, AJ Kanellopoulos 

Radioactive Plaque Brachytherapy for Iris and Iridociliary  Melanoma: High-Frequency Ultrasound Findings Before and in Response to Treatment
S Reddy, K Chin, PT Finger

Patient-Reported Barriers to Glaucoma Medication Access, Use, and Adherence in Southern India 
M Cho, BL Sleath, R Krishnadas, AL Robin

Keratoconus Management: Riboflavin / Ultraviolet A-induced Collagen Cross-linking Followed by Surface Excimer Ablation
EC Lai, AJ Kanellopoulos

The Effect of Scleral Indentation on Intraocular Pressure
FA Killian, NM Radcliffe, CE Starr


2006 ARVO Poster Presentations

Post-LASIK Ectasia: Stabilization and Effective Management With Riboflavin / Ultraviolet A-Induced Collagen Cross-Linking
SC Barbarino, AD Papakostas, L.Sperber, AT Jue, L Park, AJ Kanellopoulos

A Prospective Evaluation of Asphericity Adjusted LASIK With the Allegretto-Wave and the M2 in 645 Eyes
R.H. Roe, AJ Kanellopoulos, AD Papakostas, L Pe, L Sperber, M Jankov

A Statistical Approach to Determining the Number of IOP Measurements Necessary to Establish Treatment Therapy
J Huang, JA Young, S Reddy, CC Teng, E Nissan

Is Wavefront Necessary for Re-Treatments? A Comparison of 65 Wavefront-Guided LASIK Enhancements to 64 Asphericity-Adjusted Enhancements.
EC Lai, AJ Kanellopoulos, L Pe, M Jankov, A Papakostas, L Sperber

Post-Lasik Ectasia: Prk Following Previous Stabilization and Effective Management With Riboflavin / Ultraviolet A-Induced Collagen Cross-Linking.
JJ Wong, AD Papakostas, AJ Kanellopoulos, LT Sperber

Posterior Capsule Opacification Rates in Phacoemulsification versus Laser Photolysis Cataract Extraction.
M Ewald, L Park, JM Dodick

Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome in a Patient on Systemic Tamsulosin (Flomax): A Case Report and Discussion of Intraoperative Techniqes.
I Hsu, L Park

Increased Central Corneal Thickness in Patients with Branch and Central Retinal Vein Occlusions.
A Angelilli, S Reddy, N Radcliffe, R Roe, JA Young

Hookworm Infestation as a Risk Factor for Mooren's Ulcer in South India.
JR Zelefsky, M Srinivasan, T Lietman, JP Whitcher, K Wang, M Buyse, ET Cunningham, Jr.

Determining the Minimum Number of IOP Measurements Necessary to Establish a Baseline IOP: A Statistical Approach.
CC Teng, JA Young, S Reddy, J Huang, E Nissan

Quantum Dot Mediated Mouse Vascular Endothelial Cell Killing.
K L Masselam, JA Young, J Karen, PJ Yu, P Mignatti

Spatial Frequency Tuning of the Multifocal VEP as a Function of Eccentricity.
JN Nam, AT Jue, JM Gallardo, K Holopigian, RE Carr, W Seiple

Contrast Response Functions of the Multifocal VEP as a Function of Eccentricity.
A Jue, JN Nam, SC Barbarino, JM Gallardo, K Holopigian, RE Carr, W.Seiple

Initial Hyperopic and Hyperopic Astigmatism LASIK Experience with the WaveLight ALLEGRETTO WAVE Excimer Laser in 120 Consecutive Eyes.
R Krishnamurthy, TD Papakostas, AJ Kanellopoulos

Initial Clinical Experience in Epi-lasik With the Moria Epi-K Epithelial Dissector and the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Excimer in 55 Myopic Eyes.
JJ Song, AJ Kanellopoulos, LTD Sperber


2005 ARVO Poster Presentations

PET/CT imaging for the initial staging of choroidal melanomas
L Tena, S Reddy, AC Pavlick, PT Finger.

Comparison of the change in corneal higher order aberrations with wavefront-guided Epi-LASIK versus wavefront-guided conventional LASIK using the LadarWave Custom Cornea platform.
J Wong, K Masselam, D Jardim, B Soloway, C Starr.

Reliability of perimetry: Measures of acuity, contrast sensitivity, and luminance detection.
JN Nam, M Kirzhner, CJ Clemens, K Holopigian, W Seiple.

The retinotopic distribution of localized attention assessed using the multifocal visual evoked potential.
M Kirzhner JN Nam , CJ Clemens CJ, K Holopigian.

Relationship between temporal frequency sensitivity and mfERG kernel responses in patients withretinitis pigmentosa.
E Park E, JN Nam, K Holopigian, W Seiple.

The Rate of Posterior Capsular Opacity in the Crystalens Accomodating IOL.
I Hsu.

Capsulopalpebral Fascia Hernia Repair for Lower Eyelid Palpebral Bags: A 5-Year Follow-up.
NM Radcliffe, FD Parsa.

Relationship Between Central Corneal Thickness and Refractive Error in Caucasian and African American Glaucoma Patients.
NM Radcliffe, J Stein, E Farris .

Giant Secondary Conjunctival Cysts: A Late Complication of Strabismus Surgery
J Song, M. Kurli, PT Finger, HJ Wisnicki, CE Jacob.

Nomogram for the pre-operative prediction of ablation depth with custom cornea refractive surgery.
K Masselam, C Starr, B Soloway.


2005 CLAO (Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists) Poster Presentations and Awards

Two case reports of infectious keratitis associated with daily disposable soft contact lens wear.
J Song, S Biser.
Recipient of 2005 Young Investigators Travel Grant Award.

The use of mini-scleral lenses for the correction of irregular astigmatism.
K Masselam, J Weyne, M Lee, S Mandelbaum.
Recipient of 2005 Young Investigators Travel Grant Award.


2005 AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmologists) Paper Presentation

Whole Body PET/CT Imaging For Choroidal Melanoma.
S Reddy, PT Finger, M Kurli, LB Tena, AC Pavlick.