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Health Technology

Our Health Tech Hub is defining a new paradigm in quality of care and patient experience, and technology is a major driver.

Launched in 2017, the Health Tech Hub is a centralized resource for internal and external innovators to rapidly orient and engage with NYU Langone’s and the greater NYU community’s robust and multifaceted digital health ecosystem.

The Health Tech Hub has supported several Makerthons, hosts our annual Health Tech Symposium, and provides access to a network of national leaders who educate and mentor staff, students, and the startup community.

Across NYU Langone, NYU School of Medicine, and the greater NYU community, we empower internal innovators to leverage novel technologies, data science, and the principles of user-centered design, taking their ideas to wireframes and then live builds.

External innovators, investors, and startups are encouraged to apply for co-development and collaboration opportunities.

Join us, get connected, and gain the resources needed to deliver the next digital health solutions.

For Industry Partners

Want to collaborate with NYU Langone? Connect with us here.

For NYU Members

Have an idea or just want to get involved? Connect with us here.

COVID-19 Data Challenge Information Session

Watch our introductory webinar to learn about the challenge and how to participate (Kerberos ID and password required).

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