Program Overview

The Department of Pediatrics currently offers trainees a three-year path to achieve broad clinical competency in general pediatrics (our Categorical Track). 

We are committed to clinical training in both pathways emphasizing a well balanced, hands-on experience in pediatrics that prepares residents equally well for careers as pediatric generalists or pediatric subspecialists. 





The Department of Pediatrics categorical training program provides all residents with: 

  • A comprehensive and competency-based introduction to, and on-going exposures over three years of training in, acute care and subspecialty pediatrics, adolescent medicine, and behavioral and developmental pediatrics
  • 50% of all clinical exposures (general and subspecialty) in ambulatory settings
  • 20% of training time devoted to continuity of patient care

The categorical pediatric training program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. In 2012, the program received renewal of its priority designation by the New York State Council on Graduate Medical Education recognizing both its preparedness and effectiveness in training residents for careers in primary care medicine.