Resident Life

Pediatric residents work hard learning the skills they will need to care for children, but there are many opportunities to enjoy themselves and their time in New York City while bonding with their fellow residents.

A regular component of the residency program is structured class retreats in which residents learn critical skills and participate in team-building exercises. These retreats take place at various locations throughout New York City, and give those new to the city a chance to learn their way around.

There are also social outings as well as dinners organized by the chief residents. Each December, the entire department comes together for the departmental holiday party, a fine catered dinner and evening of dancing at first-class facilities.

Of course, there are always impromptu gatherings among classmates so that residents can enjoy their free time. With all of the entertainment, dining and other recreational options that come with living in New York City, residents can truly make the most of their experience as they live and work in the “city that never sleeps."