PRIDE: Cohort 3

First Name: Angela
Last Name: Bermúdez-Millán
Degree: PhD, MPH
Academic Position: Research Instructor
University Affiliation: University of Connecticut Health Center
City and State: Farmington, CT
Research Interest : Sleep disorders and health disparities; Maternal Health; Eating Behaviors

First Name: Chimene
Last Name: Castor
Degree: EdD
Academic Positions : Assistant Professor
University Affiliation: Howard University.
City State: Washington, DC
Research Interests: Parental influences on dietary intake that increase the risk for the metabolic syndrome within the African-American and Caribbean communities.

First Name: Mirnova
Last Name: Ceïde
Degree: MD
Academic Position: Clinical Instructor
University Affiliation : SUNY Downstate Medical Center ( until June 30, 2013) then Albert Einstein Montefiore Medical Center (starting July 1, 2013)
City and State: Brooklyn, NY
Research Interest: Health disparities, Sleep disorders, Elder abuse, Geriatrics mental health

First Name: Andrea
Middle Name: Freeman
Last Name: Duncan
Degree: MD, MSCR
Academic Position: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
University Affiliation: University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
City and State: Albuquerque, NM
Research Interest: Long-term medical and cognitive outcomes of NICU graduates.

First Name: Diana
Last Name: Grigsby
Degree: PhD, MPH
Academic Position: Assistant Professor
University Affiliation: University of Illinois
City and State: Urbana, IL
Research Interest: To integrate measures of the social and built environments into disease models with the goal of effectively addressing the impact of disease risk in ethnic minority and vulnerable populations

First Name: Sylvia
Last Name: Herbozo
Degree: PhD
Academic Position: Assistant Professor
University Affiliation: Loma Linda University
City and State: Loma Linda, CA
Research Interest: Obesity, disordered eating, and body image disturbance

First Name: Amy
Last Name: Lowery
Degree: PhD
Academic Position: Assistant Professor of Medicine
University Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh
City and State: Pittsburgh, PA
Research Interest: Sleep disorders in people with cancer

First Name: Alberto
Last Name: Ramos
Degree : MD, M.S.P.H
Academic Position : Assistant Professor of Neurology
University Affiliation: Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami
City and State: Miami, Florida
Research Interest: My efforts focus on the epidemiological associations between sleep disorders and cerebrovascular disease with an emphasis on health disparities in Hispanics. My main interest is in the relation and mechanisms of sleep apnea and sleep deprivation with increased risk of stroke and sub-clinical markers of vascular disease.

First Name: Azizi
Last Name: Seixas
Degree: PhD in Clinical Psychology
Academic Position: Assistant Professor
University Affiliation: City University of New York: Hostos Community College
City and State: Bronx, NY
Research Interest : The biological, behavioral, psychological and socio-ecological mechanisms behind the intersection between chronic cumulative stressors and negative health outcomes and risky behaviors, and how these mechanisms might explain health disparities in minority populations.

First Name: Shedra
Last Name: Snipes
Degree: PhD
Academic Position: Assistant Professor of Bio-Behavioral Health
University Affiliation: Pennsylvania State Univeristy
City and State: University Park, Pennsylvania
Research Interest: Ethnographic experiments examining built and perceived environmental risks. Also, tests of feasibility to collect longitudinal bio-specimens (saliva) among migrating groups of Mexican farmworkers, and piloting interventions to reduce pesticide exposure among farmworkers.

First Name: Nikki
Last Name: Wooten
Degree: PhD
Academic Position: Assistant Professor
University Affiliation: University of South Carolina
City and State: Columbia SC
Research Interest: Substance use and mental health problems in military service members; behavioral health service utilization in military personnel, veterans, and their families; health disparities in military and veteran health care systems