Center for Innovation in Measuring Population Health

About Us

The mission of the Center for Innovation in Measuring Population Health (CIMPH) is to develop innovative surveillance methodology and break new grounds in collecting, analyzing, and distributing information on the heath profiles and social determinants of populations, particularly in urban settings, to guide resource allocation target policies and programs to affected populations and ultimately advance frontiers in knowledge regarding distributions and causes of disease.

We do this to better understand the unequal health of populations across demographic and social strata, geography. The study of secular trends in population health is important to guide research into the multifactorial causes of health and actions to address them.

We perform state-of-the-art research, educate the next generation of leaders in population health surveillance methodology, and encourage public discourse about understanding the health of populations. We also work to improve the quality and performance of population health monitoring to better guide policymakers and health researchers to improve population health. We do this by collecting, analyzing, characterizing and making up-to-date information on the heath of populations and their social determinants widely available.


  • We will be a leader in developing innovative approaches to population health measurement, surveillance design, and the generation of novel measures of social health determinants.
  • We will apply state-of-the art data linkage and informatics methodology to bring disparate data sources together to shed new light on previously uncharacterized health problems.
  • We will serve as a repository of local, state and national data streams, while also advancing methods and access for shared or distributed data analysis approaches.
  • We will develop methods that leverage healthcare data sources to support population health surveillance and improvement.
  • We will serve as an intellectual collaborator to support urban health research across NYU campuses to promote the use of novel methods and metrics to evaluate municipal policies, programs and healthcare initiatives, with a goal of hastening translation of prevention discoveries to practical application.
  • We will support efforts of the Urban Health Innovations Lab (UHIL) in Brooklyn to conduct simple and advanced analytics to prioritize and target programs to affected populations

Active Projects

Current active surveillance projects include:

  • New York City Health and Nutrition Examination Survey  - using innovative health surveys that incorporate biomonitoring in the design, complete with a biorepository
  • NYC Macroscope - measuring the health of populations using electronic medical record networks
  • City Health Dashboard – The City Health Dashboard is designed to help city officials and key community and other stakeholders drive improvements in population health by presenting through data visualization key indicators of population health status and actionable social determinants across U.S. cities.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary group of faculty, research staff, students and visiting scholars who work together to develop innovative surveillance approaches and promote the use of novel methods and metrics to evaluate health and the impact of healthcare policies and initiatives on populations, particularly in urban settings.


  • Rania Kanchi
  • Alexis Feinberg
  • Priscilla Lopez

Affiliated NYU School of Medicine Faculty

To learn more about the Center for Innovation in Measuring Population Health, please contact Lorna Thorpe (