Our Expertise

Geographic methods can be quite complex and there are a variety of disciplines within the field of geographic science. Here are a few examples of the specific expertise that we use in our analysis of health geography.

Geographic Measures


Spatial Analysis


Geospatial Data

One of our strengths and focus of our projects to measure the geography of health in novel ways. These measures can help inform health interventions to make sure that they are geographically targeting those who need them the most.


There numerous advanced techniques to master in spatial analysis. Whether you need help with hot-spotting, cluster analysis, spatially weighted regression or other types of spatial analysis, we can help you find unique geographic trends within your data.


Working with geospatial data can be quite difficult. But it's a critical requirement in being sure that the inputs for your analysis are accurate. We have years of experience with geospatial data and can help ensure the accuracy of your geographic analyses.

Mapping & Visualization


Small Area Analysis


GPS Use in Research

A map of one's data can really bring to life the answers to a research question and geographic visualization can really help others understand your research easily. We can help your research take advantage of these benefits of geographic analysis.


A particularly perplexing issue in geographic analysis is how to make measurements in very small geographic units. Our group has novel methods for handling these problems and performing analyses at very granular geographic levels.


A unique expertise within our group is understanding how to use global positioning system (GPS) devices in health research. Surprising patterns of health are revealed with the geographic data obtained using this technology.