New York University Association for Culture and Psychiatry (ACAP)

Participants listen to an interactive dinner seminar on gang violence in NYC public schools.

APA New York District Branch & ACAP Minority Mentoring Network Happy Hour

ACAP members socialize in the late summer, discussing projects for the upcoming year.

Following a lecture on multicultural issues in working with survivors of torture.

The New York University Association for Culture and Psychiatry (ACAP) was founded in 2011 by four graduates of the NYU Psychiatry Residency – Nevine Ali, Andrea Brandon, Lianne Morris-Smith, and Dawn Sung – who share a common interest in promoting diversity in mental health care, awareness of cultural and structural issues among mental health providers, and ameliorating mental health disparities. ACAP’s mission is to create a forum to address issues of culture, race, and ethnicity as they pertain to psychiatry. While ACAP intends to impart practically applicable clinical knowledge, our overarching objective is to cultivate attitudes of introspection and investigation into the role sociocultural factors play in the field of mental health and beyond.

Since its inception, ACAP has worked on multiple projects within the NYU Psychiatry Residency, the NYU Psychiatry Department, with professional societies, and community organizations. Notable ACAP projects within the NYU system include:

  • Quarterly evening seminars including “Hasidic Society Cultural Awareness for Psychiatrists;” “Crazy in the Himalayas: an NYU Psychiatrist in Bhutan;” “The Cross-Cultural Therapeutic Dyad;” “Multicultural Issues in Working with Survivors of Torture;” “Intersections of Race, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity;" "Gang Violence in New York Communities"
  • Co-sponsoring speakers for Department of Psychiatry Ground Rounds including talks “Re-Engineering Mental Health Services for a Changing America” by Margarita Alegria, and “Advances in the Cultural Assessment of Stigma to Promote Mental Health: Case Example of Chinese Immigrants in NYC” by Lawrence Yang
  • Events to recruit diverse classes of resident psychiatrists who are interested in cultural issues

ACAP projects in the greater New York City community include:

  • Delivering a curriculum entitled “Emotional Resilience in Adolescents” to students at a public high school in Brooklyn
  • Partnering with leaders of the NY District Branch of the APA, including Drs. Jose Vito, Karinn Glover, and Helena Hansen, to create the New York Minority Mentorship Network.

For more information or to get involved, we invite interested applicants and others to contact members of the ACAP executive committee, e-mail addresses listed below:

Asha Martin:

Xinlin Chen:

Nadejda Bespalova: