Residency Research Program

The field of psychiatry has entered into an exciting era where the biological basis of human behavior and psychiatric disorders is beginning to be uncovered. New technologies in Neuroscience are enabling the fast advancement of understanding the brain and psychiatric disorders on multiple levels.

To translate growing knowledge gleaned from advances in neuroscience into clinical applications, it is essential to train a new generation of physician/scientists who are well versed in both basic neuroscience and clinical care. This is a top priority at NYU Langone. Leveraging the resources available throughout the neuroscience community (Neuroscience Institute, Center for Neural Science, Skirball, Nathan Kline Institute), we cover the entire breadth of neuroscience research including molecular/cellular, circuits/systems, computational and behavioral. In combination with the rigorous clinical training and the exposure to clinical research in schizophrenia, mood disorders, autism, ADHD, and PTSD, among many others, trainees are well positioned to approach translational neuroscience in an integrative way.

In addition, there is there is a critical need to support the career development of both MD and MD-PhD physician scientists during residency training in Psychiatry to help fill the growing shortage of psychiatrists pursuing research careers. Physician scientists can uniquely bridge the gap between research and practice. Mental health conditions remain amongst the most prevalent and disabling, while neuroscientific advances are evolving at a rapid pace and are now ripe for clinical application. However, physicians who enter psychiatric training without a background in research or those with prior experience who defer research during residency may be challenged to succeed in careers as independent physician scientists without training and support. NYU Langone and the NYU School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry have thus been actively developing two distinct research training tracks- the Physician Scientist Research Track and a Clinical Research Track. We invite you to learn more about these opportunities, and reach out to us with any questions.

Naomi Simon, MD
Vice Chair for Research
Faculty Development and Mentorship
Department of Psychiatry

  Tanya Sippy, MD, PhD
Associate Director
Resident Research Training
Department of Psychiatry