Residency Research Program

We are entering an era in which our understanding of the brain is rapidly expanding. With efforts including President Obama’s BRAIN initiative, technologies geared towards monitoring and controlling brain function across multiple levels of organization are being developed. This will allow the neuroscience community not only to collect an incredible wealth of data, but also to start developing a unifying theoretical understanding of how brains operate.

To translate some of these basic breakthroughs into clinical applications, it is essential to train a new generation of physician/scientists who are well-versed in both basic neuroscience and clinical care. We can think of no better place to do this than NYU Langone. Leveraging the resources available throughout the neuroscience community (Neuroscience Institute, Center for Neural Science, Skirball), we cover the entire breadth of neuroscience research including molecular/cellular, circuits/systems, computational and behavioral. In combination with the rigorous clinical training and the exposure to clinical research in schizhoprenia, autism, ADHD, and PTSD (to name a few disciplines), trainees will be uniquely positioned to approach translational neuroscience in an integrative way.

We are aiming to train the next generation of physician/scientist leaders, and invite you to explore our website. Please take a look and get in touch if would like to learn more.


Michael Halassa, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, Residency Research Track in Psychiatry
NYU Langone Medical Center