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Patient & Participant Research Opportunities

To improve the health of cardiac arrest survivors, the Critical Care and Resuscitation Program at NYU Langone is conducting research studies to understand the psychological consequences of cardiac arrest and memories or experiences at the time of unconsciousness during life-threatening illness. Some cardiac arrest survivors have experienced moments of lucidity and awareness at the end of life.

Similarly, some people with severe dementia may have a remarkable return of mental clarity or lucidity particularly near the end of life. These episodes of mental clarity have been witnessed by family members, caregivers, and healthcare providers involved in the care of these patients.

Currently, we are recruiting eligible participants into three novel studies:

The first two studies will look at adults and children alike who have regained consciousness after experiencing cardiac arrest or a life-threatening illness and who may report memories, experiences, and awareness during unconsciousness. These experiences, which have sometimes been referred to as so-called “near-death experiences,” may include peaceful feelings, a perception of a tunnel or light, seeing relatives, a life review, or generally positive emotions. These studies aim to identify and interview adults and children who have experienced memories or cognitive changes after a cardiac arrest.

We are also investigating why and how some people with severe end-stage dementia regain the ability to recall certain memories, verbally communicate, or recognize people. A more comprehensive understanding of these periods of mental clarity may provide much-needed insight regarding the pathology of dementia.

If you have any questions regarding these studies or would like to request more information, please email