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Applied Bioinformatics Laboratories Services Histopathology


The Applied Bioinformatics Laboratories can train deep neural networks to automatically classify images obtained from histopathology, MRI, microscopy, and other sources. 

Request a Histopathology Service

To request this service from us, please provide the following:

  • as many images as possible (100-plus images for each class)
  • a sample sheet with the different labels associated with each case/patient

You receive the following from us:

  • a study on how deep-learning tool (Inception-v3 architecture) performs on the selected images 
  • the probabilities associated with images on pretrained network

Additional or Customized Analyses

We can also study the possibility of training a convolutional neural network for the automatic classification and/or diagnosis or mutation predictions from other types of images.

Additional Resources

Below is a link to a computational pipeline that we typically use for our analyses:

The following select publication has used our analyses: