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Scientific Cores & Shared Resources Cytometry & Cell Sorting Laboratory

Cytometry & Cell Sorting Laboratory

Researchers partnering with NYU Langone’s Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory (RRID: SCR_019179) have access to the most powerful and adaptable flow cytometry and cell sorting technologies and instruments available. If your research requires cytometric analysis, our state-of-the-art instruments acquire optical measurements using different lasers to detect fluorophores with a high level of precision.

To reserve time on an instrument, faculty, staff, and investigators must be registered in iLab. We have also provided iLab login instructions for NYU Langone, NYU, NYU College of Dentistry, and external users.

Requests and Reservations

Request services or reserve instruments using our iLab platform.

By performing analyses and cell sorting using as many as 45 parameters, you can measure different aspects of a cell or particles in real time and with high throughput. This allows applications including immunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, and intracellular fluorophore detection. Our self-service cell analyzers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in several convenient locations across NYU Langone.

Our cell sorting technologies also allow you to physically isolate cell populations of interest from a sample you provide, enabling downstream applications such as cell culture, RNA microarray analysis, and single cell cloning. Our biosafety level 2 and level 3 laboratories allow for safe sorting of viable biohazardous materials.

All of our technologies can be tailored to your research needs, and our highly skilled cytometrists are available to help you plan your experiments. We offer online and hands-on training in the use of cell analyzers and analysis software.

Learn more about instrument scheduling by logging into iLab.

Contact Us

The Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory has several convenient locations.

Smilow Research Center
522 First Avenue
Smilow Cellar, C30, C32
Phone: 212-263-5907

NYU Langone
Science Building
435 East 30th Street, Rooms SB-449 and SB-533

NYU Langone
Alexandria Center for Life Science
430 East 29th Street, West Tower Room 329

If you have questions about reserving an analyzer, requesting a cell sorting service, or accessing our laboratories, email

How to Acknowledge the Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory

Please use the RRID in all of your citations when using the core.

If you have used instruments, technologies, expertise, or data provided by NYU Langone’s Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory (RRID: SCR_019179) in research that is published in any form or used in grant applications, we appreciate being acknowledged.

The Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory is partially supported by the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center support grant P30CA016087. Please acknowledge this grant in all publications resulting from the use of this lab. A suggested acknowledgement is “Cell sorting/flow cytometry technologies were provided by NYU Langone’s Cytometry and Cell Sorting Laboratory, which is supported in part by grant P30CA016087 from the National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute.”

Additionally, all publications resulting from the use of this lab should abide by the National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy and be deposited in PubMed Central within a year of publication.