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Experimental Pathology Research Laboratory Experimental Pathology Research Laboratory Instruments

Experimental Pathology Research Laboratory Instruments

The Experimental Pathology Research Laboratory at NYU Langone has the latest technology in histopathology, staining, imaging, immunochemistry, and analysis. Many of our instruments are available for researchers to rent by the hour at competitive prices.

In addition, we offer personal consultations and guidance in planning your experiments. Our staff is available from 9:00AM to 5:30PM, Monday through Friday, to answer your questions and help you get set up.

To reserve time on an instrument and schedule training with our staff, investigators must be registered in iLab. Training request forms are available in iLab.

Tissue-Processing Instruments

  • Leica Peloris II premium tissue processing system (animal tissues)

Slide- and Cassette-Labeling Instruments

  • Leica IP S slide labeler
  • Leica IP C cassette labeler

Embedding Instruments

  • Leica EG1160 embedder (animal tissues); available for rental

Sectioning Instruments

  • Leica RM2255 automated rotary microtome; available for rental
  • Leica RM2235 manual rotary microtome
  • Leica RM2155 automated rotary microtome
  • Leica RM2135 manual rotary microtome; available for rental
  • Leica CM3050 cryostat; available for rental
  • Thermo Scientific Cryostat Microm HM525; available for rental
  • Leica VT1200 S automated vibratome; available for rental

Histochemical Staining and Coverslipping Instruments

  • Leica ST5020 Autostainer XL with fume hood, equipped with staining racks for manual deparaffinization and staining; available for rental for deparaffinization only
  • Leica CV5030 automated coverslipper

Immunohistochemistry Instruments

  • Leica Bond RX

Imaging Platforms

All microscopes are equipped with digital camera systems:

  • Zeiss Axioskop 40; available for rental 
  • Leica LMD6000 laser microdissection system with fluorescence and motorized stage capabilities; available for rental 
  • Leica M205 FA fluorescence stereo (dissecting) scope; available for rental 
  • Nikon Eclipse fluorescence upright microscope; available for rental 
  • Leica DM LM brightfield upright microscope with Nomarski and polarizing optics; available for rental
  • Leica SCN400 F whole-slide scanner
  • Hamamatsu NanoZoomer whole-slide scanner, fluorescence scanning; available for rental
  • Akoya/PerkinElmer Vectra® multi-spectral imaging system; available for rental

Software, Database Platforms, and Analysis Support

  • SlidePath Digital Image Hub, a web-based data–management system for image viewing, sharing, and analysis
  • Akoya/Perkin Elmer inForm® Cell Analysis and tissue pattern recognition software; workstation; available for rental
  • Visiopharm workstation; available for rental
  • RStudio and Fiji workstation for rental