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Experimental Pathology Research Laboratory Experimental Pathology Research Laboratory Policies

Experimental Pathology Research Laboratory Policies

Investigators enlisting NYU Langone's Experimental Pathology Research Laboratory technologies or renting our instruments agree to our policies. If you have specific questions about technologies, instruments rentals, or policies, feel free to contact us.

Hours and Access

The laboratory is open from 9:00AM to 5:30PM, Monday through Friday. Some rental instruments, including microscopes, are available after hours and on weekends after the investigator has been trained and acquired the necessary level of expertise

Turnaround Time

The standard turnaround time is 5 to 15 working days for basic histology projects. However, turnaround may be longer or shorter depending on the size and complexity of the technology requested.

If the project needs to be expedited for a grant or paper, please discuss this with our staff when you bring your samples in, and indicate it clearly on the forms. If we are extremely busy and cannot readily expedite the project without disrupting the queue, a rush surcharge is applied.

Scheduling Rental Instruments

You can check the availability of rental instruments using iLab (review login instructions). All users must be registered in iLab and trained by our staff before using the instruments. Most rental equipment is available throughout the week, and equipment is often available on short notice.

Staff Assistance

Our staff offers hands-on training for use of rental equipment and software, as well as consultation and guidance in planning histopathology- and immunohistochemistry-related experiments. If you would like staff assistance, please select the “Assistance Required” button when reserving instruments in iLab.


You may cancel a reservation any time prior to the scheduled reservation. However, because equipment is often available on short notice, we prefer last-minute reservations to last-minute cancellations, if possible.

Laboratory Protocols

We provide protocols and recommendations for tissue fixation, tissue preparation, cryopreservation, and embedding:

Please read our protocols before submitting samples for in-house services so we can produce the best results from your specimens. We also have a variety of other specialized protocols upon request.