Genome Technology Center Featured Publications

Genome Technology Center Genome Technology Center Featured Publications
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Genome Technology Center Genome Technology Center Featured Publications

Our staff members and collaborators frequently publish their research in leading peer-reviewed publications. Here is a selection of their recent accomplishments.

Mitchell LA, Wang A, Stracquadanio G, Kuang Z, Wang X, Yang K, et al. Synthesis, debugging, and effects of synthetic chromosome consolidation: synVI and beyond. Science. 2017;355(6329).

Bayin NS, Frenster JD, Kane JR, Rubenstein J, Modrek AS, Baitalmal R, et al. GPR133 (ADGRD1), an adhesion G-protein-coupled receptor, is necessary for glioblastoma growth. Oncogenesis. 2016;5(10):e263.

Malaspina D, Kranz TM, Heguy A, Harroch S, Mazgaj R, Rothman K, et al. Prefrontal neuronal integrity predicts symptoms and cognition in schizophrenia and is sensitive to genetic heterogeneity. Schizophr Res. 2016;172(1–3):94–100.

Culver BP, DeClercq J, Dolgalev I, Yu MS, Ma B, Heguy A, et al. Huntington's disease protein huntingtin associates with its own mRNA. J Huntingtons Dis. 2016;5(1):39–51.

Diamond EL, Durham BH, Haroche J, Yao Z, Ma J, Parikh SA, et al. Diverse and targetable kinase alterations drive histiocytic neoplasms. Cancer Discov. 2016;6(2):154–65.

Schafer MJ, Dolgalev I, Alldred MJ, Heguy A, Ginsberg SD. Calorie restriction suppresses age-dependent hippocampal transcriptional signatures. PLoS One. 2015;10(7):e0133923.

Montenegro D, Kalpana K, Chrissian C, Sharma A, Takaoka A, Iacovidou M, et al. Uncovering potential 'herbal probiotics' in Juzen-taiho-to through the study of associated bacterial populations. Bioorg Medical Chem Lett. 2015;25(3):466-9.