Mission of the Division of Pediatric Surgery

Established in 1980, NYU Medical Center's Division of Pediatric Surgery strives to:

  • Provide a compassionate, child-friendly, parent-friendly environment, that promotes the best possible patient care
  • Perform minimally invasive and conventional pediatric surgeries using state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques
  • Pursue research to help determine what particular conditions may be better treated, and to provide non-surgical options for childhood diseases that currently respond only to surgery

We don't just treat disease. We treat your child.

Each child comes to us with a unique personality. We value that person and understand that your child is the best person to answer important questions. During treatment our pediatric surgical team works to build trust and help your child communicate with us, verbally or nonverbally. From your first office visit to your final follow-up appointment, we care about your child's experience.

Your child is our child. Your family is our family.

Every family we meet is different. We know that facing surgery with your child can be a frightening experience no matter how minor the procedure. Our team works with you and your family to minimize those fears and help you and your child prepare for surgery.

Each and every member of our staff is committed to making your experience with us as smooth and anxiety-free as possible. Whether this involves making an extra phone call to locate a lost referral, helping you schedule your child's preoperative tests strategically to avoid an extra hospital trip, being on hand to talk with you while your child is in surgery, or making sure you have all of the supplies you need for your child at home after the surgery, we are here to help.

Our surgeons plan for recovery prior to operating.

Our individual, patient-centered approach allows our surgical team to plan your child's course of treatment based on what is needed at that particular time.

Our surgeons think about factors such as:

  • the origin of your child's disease and how it may progress
  • your child's condition and other health issues that he or she may have
  • what surgical procedure will result in the safest, quickest recovery

We incorporate research and education into our practice.

The fact that we perform clinical research directly benefits our patients and the care they receive. By tracking the outcomes of our procedures and reviewing them periodically, we are able to determine areas for improvement and implement better standards of care.

This method includes evaluating the operative technique that we choose. Whether we perform a minimally invasive procedure or use a standard open approach, treatment is discussed with the family and among our staff to ensure that we choose the technique that we feel will be safest and most effective for your child.

During the course of your child's treatment, you may interact with surgeons of various levels and doctors-in-training that assist our staff. This is another way we optimize the care that we give. Our mandate to train the surgeons and physicians of the future helps ensure that we are always current with surgical innovations and new treatments that help enhance the care of children.

Surgical residents play a critical role in the fact-finding process and serve as integral members of our team, providing our surgeons with the detailed evaluations necessary to make the best clinical decision and enhancing the quality of care you and your child receive.