Social Media in Surgery

With over half of American College of Surgeons members actively using Facebook, and at least 25% of surgeons possessing a Twitter account, it is hard to ignore the growing relevance of social media in modern surgical practice.  These tools have the ability to enhance our interaction with patients, broadcast useful health information to the community, respond to feedback about patient experiences in real-time, and provide educational resources to both surgical students, residents, nurses, and colleagues.

The Division of Pediatric Surgery is uniquely poised to demonstrate the promise and effectiveness of social media in surgery, largely due to the composition of our patient population.  Teenagers and young-adults represent an elusive group of patients whom health care providers traditionally have struggled to maintain reliable lines of communication with.  Several studies have shown the effectiveness of social media tools in fostering improved relationships between provider offices and their adolescent patients, specifically in primary care pediatrics.  Pediatric surgeons care for some of their patients over the span of several decades, often losing contact with them as they grow-up or move away.  Tools like Facebook and Twitter can provide a long sought-after method for keeping in touch with our patients as they progress to adulthood, making sure that we are able to provide care for chronic issues which affect many of our pediatric surgical patients. 

The Division of Pediatric Surgery has taken an active roll in utilizing social media resources to enhance our patient-care and educational missions.  Check out our Facebook Page (Pediatric Surgery at NYU) or follow us on Twitter (NYU Ped Surgery )

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