Areas of Research

Research and discovery have traditionally been the heart of our mission. Since the 1970s, scientists at NYU have led research in the field of aging and dementia. In recent years, various research groups joined forces to form the Silberstein Alzheimer's Institute with the goal of deepening and accelerating research studies. Since then, the Institute has evolved and expanded and today is recognized as a pioneering leader and global powerhouse on brain aging and dementia research. The CCN draws upon the strengths of the existing Silberstein Alzheimer's Institute, which serves as the Center’s clinical research hub. With cross fertilization among our research and clinical operation, the Center is able to bring scientific discovery to the bedside more efficiently and expeditiously, offering a seamless and integrated approach to the care of memory impairment and age-related brain disorders. Few centers exist nationally with this level of comprehensiveness, integration, and coordination.

Basic Research

Includes cell survival/rescue, synapse physiology, and the biology of tau and amyloid proteins

Translational Research

Includes biomarkers genomics/proteomics, animal models, neuro-imaging, electrophysiologic imaging and drug discovery/development

Clinical Research

Includes early detection and differential diagnosis, longitudinal evaluation, clinical trials prevention and treatment, and psychosocial interventions