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Cognitive Neurology Research Cognitive Neurology Clinical Research

Cognitive Neurology Clinical Research

In the Center for Cognitive Neurology, our goal is to progress from preclinical drug discovery into early clinical trials. We seek to increase the number of potential treatments in the pipeline and provide patients with novel therapies faster and more efficiently.

Our investigators have contributed directly to the clinical development of all currently approved treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, particularly memantine. In our landmark longitudinal research, we identified mild cognitive impairment as an early stage of the disease and a target for early treatment, which is a major focus of our research. Our pioneering research on psychosocial interventions identified the value of counseling and support for caregivers to reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on both family members and patients.

We plan to expand and streamline our capability to conduct phase 1 trials of innovative drugs that arise from our translational research findings.

Learn more about our active clinical trials.