Pain Medicine

Our Mission

The core mission of the Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain at NYU Langone Medical Center is to preserve, improve and comfort human life. This mission is achieved through the provision of superior clinical care, academic excellence, and innovative research.

Our pain centers are staffed with physicians specially trained in Pain Medicine, who will help in the diagnosis of your pain condition and administer state-of–the-art treatments. NYU Langone Medical Center has been one of the first facilities in New York City to apply an inter-disciplinary approach to the treatment of complex chronic pain conditions. For the last 14 years, physicians from various specialties (neurology, anesthesiology, physical medicine, psychiatry, spine and neurosurgery, psychology, rheumatology) have combined their expertise to manage the treatment of patients unable to a have a normal life because of pain. We offer all the treatment modalities which have been shown to help in the treatment of pain. From acupuncture to spinal cord stimulation, from cognitive behavioral techniques to spinal injections, your Pain Medicine physician will choose the combination of techniques best adapted to your particular case. Because NYU Langone Medical Center is a teaching and research institution, you will also have access, if you wish, to the latest investigational pain medications and techniques.

Treatment Modalities

The physicians at the Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain provide a comprehensive, pain focused evaluation for the chronic pain patient, which helps to determine the best course of treatment for each individual patient.

Our specialists provide pharmacological, physical, interventional, and psychological treatments in a caring and supportive environment.  All of our physicians have trained in the subspecialty of Pain Medicine.  A psychologist experienced in chronic pain management provides services when necessary.

Our goal is to return patients to the most optimal level of functioning while keeping them and their families informed about the conditions that affect the patient, as well as the available treatments.

Professional Education

The Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain offers a number of educational programs to help professionals promote individualized care on an outpatient basis to those suffering from transient, acute, or chronic pain.  Research opportunities for fellows and residents are available. Residents are encouraged to become involved, early in their training, to begin to define an area of interest upon which they can build an academic career.


With over 30 academic departments and 376,000 square feet of research laboratories, NYU School of Medicine continues to produce groundbreaking discoveries, some of which have led to Nobel prizes. The School's basic and clinical scientists conduct dynamic interdisciplinary research to address the entire range of 21st-century biomedical science.

In an attempt to provide the best and most up to date care to our patients, our clinical activities are complemented with a variety of research.

The Center for the Study and Treatment of Pain holds research and academic activities among its primary missions. That commitment and the availability of enthusiastic mentors in our Division are for the purpose of strengthening both basic and clinical research.


Qian Cece Chen, MD
John Delfino, DMD
Christopher DeNatale, MD
Lisa Doan, MD
Christopher Gharibo, MD
Paul S. Ji, MD
M. Fahad Khan, MD, MSPH
Joseph Largi, MD
John Michalisin Jr., MD
Kristoffer Padjen, MD, PhD
Lucia Daiana Voiculescu, MD
Jing Wang, MD, PhD
Shengping Zou, MD