2004 - 2006 Community Reports

CSAAH continues its efforts to develop formative research projects such as the Asian American Community Health Resources and Needs Assessments in NYC.

The primary purposes of these assessments are to determine:

  • The degree to which  health issues exist in ethnic-specific Asian American community
  • The resources available
  • The best approaches to meet the needs of the these communities in New York City.

The first such assessment was developed in 2004 to better understand the health needs and resources available in the Filipino American community. Since then, similar efforts have been implemented in the Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, South Asian, Vietnamese, and Japanese communities in NYC.

An Exploratory Study of
Cambodians in the Bronx

An Exploratory Study of
Chinese in NYC

An Exploratory Study of Filipino
Americans in the New York
Metropolitan Area

An Exploratory Study of
Koreans in NYC

An Exploratory Study of
South Asians in NYC

An Exploratory Study of
Vietnamese in NYC