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Emergency Medicine Publications

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine publish the results of their research in top-tier journals. Read our latest papers to learn more about our research.

Pesticide poisoning

Chiang, William K; Wang, RY

Boston : Little, Brown, 1995. 3rd ed. p.1663-1685. (3146152)

Association of Socioeconomic Status, Sex, Racial, and Ethnic Identity with Sustained and Cultivated Careers in Surgery

Nguyen, Mytien; Gonzalez, Luis; Stain, Steven C; Dardik, Alan; Chaudhry, Sarwat I; Desai, Mayur M; Boatright, Dowin; Butler, Paris D

Annals of surgery. 2024 Mar 01; 279:367-373

A community-based volunteer service to reduce COVID-19 vaccination inequities in New York City

Tay, Ee Tein; Fernbach, Madalyn; Chen, Haidee; Ng, Charis; Tapia, Jade; O'Callaghan, Stasha

Journal of public health (Oxford, England). 2024 Feb 23; 46:168-174

Serious illness communication skills training for emergency physicians and advanced practice providers: a multi-method assessment of the reach and effectiveness of the intervention

Adeyemi, Oluwaseun; Ginsburg, Alexander D; Kaur, Regina; Cuthel, Allison M; Zhao, Nicole; Siman, Nina; Goldfeld, Keith S; Emlet, Lillian Liang; DiMaggio, Charles; Yamarik, Rebecca Liddicoat; Bouillon-Minois, Jean-Baptiste; Chodosh, Joshua; Grudzen, Corita R; ,

BMC palliative care. 2024 Feb 21; 23:48

First-Attempt Success Between Anatomically and Physiologically Difficult Airways in the National Emergency Airway Registry

Nikolla, Dhimitri A; Offenbacher, Joseph; Smith, Silas W; Genes, Nicholas G; Herrera, Osmin A; Carlson, Jestin N; Brown, Calvin A

Anesthesia & analgesia. 2024 Feb 09;

Development of a Tool to Measure Student Perceptions of Equity and Inclusion in Medical Schools

Boatright, Dowin; Nguyen, Mytien; Hill, Katherine; Berg, David; Castillo-Page, Laura; Anderson, Nientara; Agbelese, Victoria; Venkataraman, Shruthi; Saha, Somnath; Schoenbaum, Stephen C; Richards, Regina; Jordan, Ayana; Asabor, Emmanuella; White, Marney A

JAMA network open. 2024 Feb 05; 7:e240001

Breaking Down Silos Between Medical Education and Health Systems: Creating an Integrated Multilevel Data Model to Advance the Systems-Based Practice Competency

Reilly, James B; Kim, Jung G; Cooney, Robert; DeWaters, Ami L; Holmboe, Eric S; Mazotti, Lindsay; Gonzalo, Jed D

Academic medicine. 2024 Feb 01; 99:146-152

Efficacy and Impact of a Multimodal Intervention on CT Pulmonary Angiography Ordering Behavior in the Emergency Department

Gyftopoulos, Soterios; Simon, Emma; Swartz, Jordan L; Smith, Silas W; Martinez, Leticia Santos; Babb, James S; Horwitz, Leora I; Makarov, Danil V

Journal of the American College of Radiology : JACR. 2024 Feb ; 21:309-318