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Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Publications

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery publish frequently in prominent, peer-reviewed journals. Below are the most recent division publications.

Beta-blocker Use After Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair in Patients with Type B Aortic Dissection Is Associated with Improved Early Aortic Remodeling

Chang, Heepeel; Rockman, Caron B; Ramkhelawon, Bhama; Maldonado, Thomas S; Cayne, Neal S; Veith, Frank J; Jacobowitz, Glenn R; Patel, Virendra I; Laskowski, Igor; Garg, Karan

Journal of vascular surgery. 2022 Dec ; 76:1477-1485.e2

Déjà vu: Plaque morphology revisited

Rockman, Caron

Journal of vascular surgery. 2022 Dec ; 76:1624

Mid- and Long-Term Outcomes Following Dedicated Endovenous Nitinol Stent Placement for Symptomatic Iliofemoral Venous Obstruction: 3 to 5 Year Results of the VIRTUS Study

Razavi, Mahmood K; Gagne, Paul; Black, Stephen; Sadek, Mikel; Nicolini, Philippe; Weinberg, Ido; Marston, William

Journal of vascular & interventional radiology. 2022 Dec ; 33:1485-1491.e1

Superficial Venous Procedures can be Performed Safely and Effectively in Patients with Deep Venous Reflux

Li, Chong; Jacobowitz, Glenn R; Rockman, Caron B; Maldonado, Thomas S; Berland, Todd L; Garg, Karan; Barfield, Michael; Sadek, Mikel

Journal of vascular surgery. Venous & lymphatic disorders. 2022 Nov 08;

The Impact of Aorto-uni-iliac Graft Configuration on Outcomes of Endovascular Repair for Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Rokosh, Rae S; Chang, Heepeel; Lui, Aiden; Rockman, Caron B; Patel, Virendra I; Johnson, William; Siracuse, Jeffrey; Cayne, Neal S; Jacobowitz, Glenn R; Garg, Karan

Journal of vascular surgery. 2022 Nov 08;

Hypogastric Artery Flow Interruption is Associated with Increased Mortality After Open Aortic Repair

Zhang, Jason; Chang, Heepeel; Rockman, Caron; Patel, Virendra I; Veeraswamy, Ravi; Berland, Todd; Ramkhelawon, Bhama; Maldonado, Thomas; Cayne, Neal; Jacobowitz, Glenn; Garg, Karan

Annals of vascular surgery. 2022 Nov ; 87:270-277

Safety And Efficacy of Drug Eluting Stents for Treatment of Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis

Chang, Heepeel; Gelb, Bruce E; Stewart, Zoe A; Lonze, Bonnie E; Garg, Karan; Rockman, Caron B; Jacobowitz, Glenn R; Maldonado, Thomas S; Berger, Jonathan C; Ali, Nicole M; Cayne, Neal S

Annals of vascular surgery. 2022 Nov ; 87:245-253

Outcomes from the ClotTriever Outcomes Registry show symptom duration may underestimate deep vein thrombus chronicity

Maldonado, Thomas S; Dexter, David J; Kado, Herman; Schor, Jonathan; Annambhotla, Suman; Mojibian, Hamid; Beasley, Robert E

Journal of vascular surgery. Venous & lymphatic disorders. 2022 Nov ; 10:1251-1259