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Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Publications

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery publish frequently in prominent, peer-reviewed journals. Below are the most recent division publications.

The Effect of Ipsilateral Carotid Revascularization on Contralateral Carotid Duplex Parameters in Patients with Bilateral Carotid Stenosis

Ratner, Molly; Rockman, Caron; Chandra, Pratik; Cayne, Neal; Jacobowitz, Glenn; Lamparello, Patrick J; Maldonado, Thomas; Sadek, Mikel; Berland, Todd; Garg, Karan

Annals of vascular surgery. 2024 Feb ; 99:414-421

Natural history of internal carotid artery stenosis progression

Harish, Keerthi B; Speranza, Giancarlo; Rockman, Caron B; Sadek, Mikel; Jacobowitz, Glenn R; Garg, Karan; Teter, Katherine A; Maldonado, Thomas S

Journal of vascular surgery. 2024 Feb ; 79:297-304

Current Medicare reimbursement for complex endovascular aortic repair is inadequate based on results from a multi-institutional cost analysis

Brinster, Clayton J; Money, Samuel R; Hayson, Aaron; Gurdian, René; Milner, Ross; Polcari, Kayla; Asirwatham, Mark; Arnaoutakis, Dean J; Li, Chong; Maldonado, Thomas; Cheung, Dillon; Meltzer, Andrew

Journal of vascular surgery. 2024 Jan ; 79:3-10

Prior Authorization Requirements In The Office-Based Laboratory Setting Are Administratively Inefficient And Threaten Timeliness Of Care

Harish, Keerthi B; Chervonski, Ethan; Speranza, Giancarlo; Maldonado, Thomas S; Garg, Karan; Sadek, Mikel; Rockman, Caron B; Jacobowitz, Glenn R; Berland, Todd L

Journal of vascular surgery. 2023 Dec 21;

The Natural History and Long-Term Follow-Up of Splenic Artery Aneurysms

Zhang, Jason; Ratner, Molly; Harish, Keerthi B; Speranza, Giancarlo; Hartwell, C Austen; Rao, Abhishek; Garg, Karan; Maldonado, Thomas; Sadek, Mikel; Jacobowitz, Glenn; Rockman, Caron

Journal of vascular surgery. 2023 Dec 09;

Management of endothermal heat-induced thrombosis

Tan, Matthew; Sadek, Mikel; Kabnick, Lowell; Parsi, Kurosh; Davies, Alun H; ,

Phlebology. 2023 Dec 04; 2683555231219549

Endovascular stenting of the ascending aorta for visceral malperfusion in a patient with type A aortic dissection

Garg, Karan; Pergamo, Matthew; Jiang, Jeffrey; Smith, Deane

Journal of vascular surgery cases & innovative techniques. 2023 Dec 01; 9:?-?

Outcomes of lower extremity revascularization in octogenarians and nonagenarians for intermittent claudication

Haqqani, Maha H; Kester, Louis P; Lin, Brenda; Farber, Alik; King, Elizabeth G; Cheng, Thomas W; Alonso, Andrea; Garg, Karan; Eslami, Mohammad H; Rybin, Denis; Siracuse, Jeffrey J

Journal of vascular surgery. 2023 Dec ; 78:1479-1488.e2