Current Research Initiatives

While our thriving Research Division is fast- becoming a national leader in research on health disparities and the social determinants of health, our experienced group of investigators have interests that span from toxicology, to pediatric emergency medicine, to infectious diseases, to medical education and simulation, to disaster response and recovery and even public and population health. As world- renowned emergency medicine physician Dr. Lewis Goldfrank has said, the emergency room provides a biopsy of our society. It is our hope that the research conducted in our department reflects not only the diverse population we serve but also the complex interplay between health and society in which we all find ourselves.

Chronic Disease Surveillance Using Emergency Department Data

uncontrolled Donation after Circulatory Determination of Death (uDCDD)

Organ Donor Registration

eCapacity Training

Electronic Media Patient Education Initiative (EMPEI) Laboratory

Emergency Department Use Among the Homeless

Perfecting Visual Diagnosis

Social Determinants of Health

Infectious Diseases

Emergency Care of Patients With Serious, Life-Limiting Illness