Clinical Research

Cochlear Implant Center Areas of Research

NYU Langone’s Cochlear Implant Center has a strong academic and research component. Since the program began in 1984, hundreds of articles resulting from our research endeavors have been published in medical and audiological peer-reviewed journals.

Our research includes:

  • the efficacy and safety of implants in all patients
  • the variables affecting the outcome of cochlear implants
  • surgical techniques and complications
  • assisting in the design of electrode arrays that are: easy to insert; cause minimal trauma both during and following insertion; are easily replaceable should there be a device failure; have efficient power management; offer more restricted and efficient ganglion cell stimulation; and provide a platform to implement improved speech processing strategies
  • device programming techniques to increase speech perception ability
  • the influence of speech processing strategies on the outcomes obtained in a variety of people¬ including the long-term deaf
  • optimizing cochlear implant configurations
  • auditory brainstem implants in children

In addition to publishing research articles, members of our team also contribute chapters on cochlear implantation to various textbooks. Drs. Susan Waltzman and J. Thomas Roland, Jr. recently released the third edition of Cochlear Implants, published by Thieme Medical Publishers.

Our researchers regularly present their work at numerous medical conferences worldwide, and are often invited to be visiting professors at national and international universities.

NYU Voice Center

The NYU Voice Center is a collaborative effort to treat patients with a variety of communication and swallowing problems. View a list of our ongoing research.

Otolaryngology Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a research study using human volunteers that is designed to answer specific health questions. Carefully conducted investigational trials are the fastest and safest way to find treatments that work, as well as find new ways to improve health.

Current Cochlear Implant Clinical Trials

NYU Langone is currently conducting clinical trials in these areas:

  • expanding criteria for those adults who don't fit the current U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines for a cochlear implant, but who nevertheless are experiencing trouble hearing
  • using Advanced Bionics, Cochlear Hybrid™, and MED-EL Electric Acoustic Stimulation for those patients who have good low frequency hearing but poor hearing in the high frequencies
  • auditory brainstem implants in children

Additional Information

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