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For Faculty Faculty Leadership Development Programs

Faculty Leadership Development Programs

At NYU Langone, our Organizational Development and Learning team is dedicated to promoting leadership development programs. People can play a variety of roles in an organization. For instance, “leaders of self” are individual contributors, “leaders of others” supervise and manage, “leaders of leaders” head functions and departments, and “leaders of the enterprise” are senior leaders.

Our programs support faculty leadership in the following ways:

  • by enhancing their leadership skills
  • by grooming them for broader, more diversified, and more senior roles
  • by building a talent pipeline as the institution grows

Intensive Leadership Development Program

NYU Langone’s Intensive Leadership Development Program consists of a training curriculum and coaching for the development of “leaders of leaders.” During this nine-month program, participants hear from senior leaders, including Dean and CEO Robert I. Grossman, MD, and attend facilitated sessions to explore topics such as managing change, developing talent, using emotional intelligence, creating a culture of feedback, and employing data in decision making.

Participants learn along with peers in active team exercises. Each participant is partnered with a professional coach, who aids in sharpening leadership skills and achieving goals.

Through the program, leaders create capstone projects they present to NYU Langone’s executive leadership. These projects demonstrate participants’ accomplishments, such as managing a unit’s transition to same-day hip replacement surgery.

Graduate Medical Education Program Director Leadership Development Program

Our Graduate Medical Education Program Director Leadership Development Program helps program directors and associate program directors of residency programs and fellowship programs to excel as educational leaders at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

The regulations governing residency and fellowship programs have become far more complex in recent years, and clinical environments have become busier as well. To address the challenges that directors face, this program provides skill building and insights delivered in an efficient manner and designed to work with busy schedules.

Sessions cover topics such as resolving conflict and developing residents. The program also fosters collaboration through an internal network and interdepartmental support, giving program directors the tools they need to thrive in their positions.

Participating in a Leadership Program

Faculty members who are interested in participating in any of the leadership development programs should contact their department managers.