About the High School Bioethics Project

Since 2001, the University of Pennsylvania Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy's High School Bioethics Project has worked to improve secondary education through bioethics pedagogy and has enjoyed success and recognition among science teachers, administrators, and students, particularly those in the greater Philadelphia region. In July 2012 the project moved to become part of the Division of Medical Ethics at the New York University School of Medicine.

We believe bioethics has the potential to not only introduce students to ethical choices they will face in their lives, but also stimulate understanding of scientific advances and methods, thereby contributing to lifelong interest in biomedical science.

Our project operates within four domains: teacher training, student education, web resource development, and policy development, utilizing the internet for broad dissemination and collaborative development of project initiatives. As we expand High School Bioethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, we will offer instructional workshops, intensive summer courses, teacher fellowships, and student internships.

Additionally, staff deliver dozens of lectures and outreach events. Project staff members also partner with high school teachers who wish to develop bioethics curricula for use in science classes or syllabi for stand-alone bioethics courses.

About the Division of Medical Ethics

The Division of Medical Ethics, was launched within NYU School of Medicine's Department of Population Health in July of 2012. Its founding Director is Arthur L Caplan, PhD. The Division has four key areas of activity:

  1. to enhance and integrate bioethics in the curriculum of the NYU medical school, professional schools, undergraduate programs and graduate education,
  2. to generate novel and useful research in core areas including mental health, vaccines, research ethics, rationing, end of life care and sports and society,
  3. to provide policy advice and guidance to NGOs, professional societies, industry, government, foundations, patient organizations, and other groups and institutions interested in bioethical issues, and
  4. to foster careers in bioethics.

For all inquiries about the Division of Medical Ethics, please contact Jessica Wico at 646-501-2739.