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Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Education Technology
Institute for Innovations in Medical Education Education Technology

At NYU School of Medicine’s Institute for Innovations in Medical Education, we develop and support a variety of educational technologies. We offer expertise in learning and curriculum management systems, computer-assisted instruction, mobile technologies, education data warehousing, business intelligence, and more.

Brightspace Learning Management System 

The Brightspace Learning Management System is a central resource for online medical and biomedical educational content and computer-based learning activities. This flexible platform supports a personalized learning experience and offers many features for teaching, learning, and collaboration.

Clinical Observation Mobile Evaluation Tool 

The Clinical Observation Mobile Evaluation Tool application, available as an iOS app and on the web, provides a mechanism for feedback at the point of care in selected residency programs and medical school modules. It allows the learner to initiate a brief self-assessment and preceptor assessment, using a variety of forms.

Compass Learning Activity Management System

Compass Learning Activity Management System is a medical education site that includes interactive learning modules, virtual patients, and online courseware. It features Compass Mixtapes, curated medical education lists with links to activities, ebooks, videos, web resources, and more. Any NYU School of Medicine student, resident, or faculty member can create a mixtape to share. 

Funded in part by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation and the American Medical Association’s Accelerating Change in Medical Education initiative, this system was developed to support blended learning initiatives. Compass has been used by nearly 16,000 learners who have completed more than 85,000 online learning activities.

Curriculum Inventory Explorer 

The Curriculum Inventory Explorer is an online management and mapping system for collecting, managing, analyzing, and delivering the Curriculum for the 21st Century. Faculty can use this system to provide information about educational programs. This helps foster transparency about content, structure, and the learner’s competency development.

Patient Log

The web-based Patient Log system allows students to document their clinical encounters—with virtual or real patients—and receive feedback from their preceptors. 

Virtual Microscope

Invented at NYU School of Medicine, Virtual Microscope helps medical students and residents learn cellular anatomy and pathology. Launched in 2009, it was the first such system to use the Google Maps application program interface to display, annotate, and navigate histology and pathology slides, which were digitized using Aperio digital pathology scanners. Since then, more than 1,500 teaching slides have been scanned and are freely available.

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