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Education Technology Mobile Teaching & Learning

The Institute for Innovations in Medical Education partners with information technology staff, faculty, and learners to support mobile teaching and learning in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education. The mobile teaching and learning initiative includes the Learner iPad program for medical students and residents, catalogs of iOS applications, web resources tailored for our classrooms and clinical environments, and context-aware systems to support teaching and learning using mobile devices.

Learner iPad Program 

NYU School of Medicine provides an iPad mini to every medical student and resident to aid in their educational and clinical experiences. The device fits easily in the pocket of a white coat and enables bedside learning and assessment, as well as easy access to mobile resources, including NYU Langone's Epic MyChart® application. It is made possible with the support of NYU Langone's information technology staff, the office of the chief medical information officer, and the Office of Medical Education.

As part of this program, learners are provided with a series of recommended applications and websites within a custom app catalog tailored to the NYU School of Medicine curricula. Custom iPad applications designed to support assessment not available elsewhere are included.

See how iPads are being used for reference and education at NYU School of Medicine.


Learners must enroll their iOS devices in AirWatch to comply with NYU School of Medicine’s security standards and to access content. 

Get instructions on how to enroll in AirWatch, and email with questions.


Whether you need in-the-moment evaluation tools, audience response information, or clinical resources, NYU School of Medicine’s app catalog offers learners curated applications and web resources. Smart groups allow users to create targeted learning experiences through unique app catalogs.

Compass Learning Activity Management System 

Compass is a custom learning activity management system from NYU School of Medicine. This freely available medical education site includes interactive learning modules, virtual patients, and online courseware. Compass was developed to support blended learning initiatives for medical and nursing students and was funded in part by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation and the American Medical Association’s Accelerating Change in Medical Education initiative.   

Virtual Microscope 

NYU School of Medicine invented a new virtual microscope system to teach cellular anatomy and pathology to medical students and residents. Launched in 2009, it was the first such system to use the Google Maps application programming interface to display, annotate, and navigate histology and digitized pathology slides. Since then, NYU School of Medicine has scanned more than 1,500 teaching slides.

For more information and applications, visit our self-service portal (faculty and staff can log in using their Kerberos ID).