Neubert Lab

The main focus of our lab is the development and use of mass spectrometric methods for the study of proteins and their roles in cellular signaling events. While great strides in understanding intracellular signal transduction have been made in recent years by using molecular biological techniques, we feel that a more complete understanding of the dynamics of intracellular decision-making processes can be gained only by studying the proteins directly. We use mass spectrometry as the main tool for our studies because of the wide variety of information about protein structure it can provide while requiring only small amounts of protein for analysis. We feel that the most efficient use of our technology is achieved by collaborating with outstanding molecular neuroscientists through the Protein Mass Spectrometry Core for Neuroscience. We also apply the technology to the search for biomarkers for the early detection of cancer through the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Clinical Proteomics Core Facility.

Analysis of Proteins by Mass Spectrometry