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Neubert Lab Neubert Lab Research

Neubert Lab Research

Scientists using our mass spectrometry core lead a range of research projects that aim to characterize proteins responsible for key neuronal processes or disorders. Their ongoing projects include the following:

  • Steven J. Burden, PhD: the role of signaling by MuSK in the neuromuscular synapse; protein clustering at the neuromuscular synapse
  • Moses V. Chao, PhD: neurotrophin signaling
  • Gabriela Chiosis, PhD (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center): composition of the epichaperome in health and disease
  • David T. Chiu, MD: neuroregeneration
  • Matthew Dalva, PhD (Thomas Jefferson University): ephrin phosphoproteomics
  • Robert C. Froemke, PhD: role of oxytocin in maternal behavior
  • Jorge A. Ghiso, PhD: characterization of beta amyloid peptides
  • Barbara Hempstead, PhD (Weill Cornell Medicine): molecular mechanisms of neurotrophin signaling
  • Bryen Jordan, PhD (Albert Einstein College of Medicine): activity-dependent changes in postsynaptic density composition
  • Eric Klann, PhD (NYU’s Center for Neural Science): elF2-alpha phosphorylation in synaptic plasticity, memory, and brain disorders; translational control in synaptic plasticity and memory
  • Cary Lai, PhD (Indiana University): neuregulin-ERBB signaling
  • Efrat Levy, PhD (NYU Langone/Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research): characterization of exosomes in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Charles R. Marmar, MD; Michael P. Bogenschutz, MD; and Esther Blessing, MD, PhD: use of cannabinoids to treat PTSD
  • Paul M. Matthews, PhD (NYU Langone/Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research): role of apolipoprotein E (ApoE) alleles in Alzheimer’s disease susceptibility; mechanism of increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease in diabetes
  • Ralph A. Nixon, MD, PhD (NYU Langone/Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research): neurofilament phosphorylation
  • Dimitris G. Placantonakis, MD, PhD: metabolomics and proteomics of gliomagenesis
  • Niels Ringstad, PhD: molecular mechanisms of functioning of sensory neurons in C. elegans
  • Bernardo Rudy, MD, PhD: molecular components of A-type K+ channels; development and function of 5HT3aR-expressing cortical GABAergic interneurons
  • Hyung Don Ryoo, PhD: retinal degeneration
  • Martin Sadowski, MD, PhD: physical interaction between ApoE and amyloid-beta
  • James L. Salzer, MD, PhD: phosphoproteomics of neuronal stimulation; mechanisms of node of Ranvier assembly
  • Michael Schlame, MD: lipid analysis and metabolism, Barth syndrome, acrosomal biogenesis
  • Einar M. Sigurdsson, PhD: epitope-specific targeting of tau aggregates
  • Richard Tsien, DPhil: modulation of neurotransmission by Ca++ and activity