NYU Langone provides an extraordinarily well-rounded experience and exposure to a wide spectrum of neurological disorders and conditions. In-patient experience occurs at Tisch Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, the VA Hospital and the Epilepsy Center.

Tisch HospitalTisch Hospital is the private university hospital of NYU Langone School of Medicine. Most of the patients on the Neurology Service are located on the 12 East floor. The service is staffed by Neurology Residents and Neurology Nurse Practitioners. Our Neurology Nurse Practitioners plays a major role in team and aids in the management of patients on the service, allowing residents the flexibility to attend conferences and focus on furthering their neurological education.

A multi-media conference and seminar room on the neurology floor is equipped with the latest multimedia equipment.

Bellevue Hospital CenterBellevue Hospital Center is the flagship hospital of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, providing public health care to city employees, the uninsured and a wide variety of patients from all corners of the globe. Bellevue is world-renowned for its historic role in medical education in the United States, its psychiatric patient care services, and since becoming a full-service hospital early in the last century, the diversity of its patients and the diseases and conditions with which they present.

The Neurology Service at Bellevue Hospital Center consists of an active in-patient service; consultation services; and comprehensive ambulatory adult neurological services. Patients with a myriad of neurological disorders are admitted to our neurological service where they receive comprehensive care provided by housestaff with close attending supervision and input. Bellevue offers comprehensive radiological (including interventional), neurophysiological and laboratory services.

Our neurology consult team responds to consultation requests from throughout the hospital — emergency services, inpatient units and all critical care areas. Attending staff hold frequent rounds and are always available to discuss cases and see patients. Radiology, pathology and case conferences complement direct patient care.

The Bellevue and Tisch rotations may be comprised of Ward and Consultation services. The teams may include Neurology Residents, rotators from Departments of Psychiatry and Neurosurgery, and Medical Students completing required and elective rotations.

VA Medical CenterThe VA Medical Center is a federal facility, caring for veterans of the United States military services. Since 1954 the New York Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center has served local metropolitan veterans. The Harbor’s Manhattan campus, located at First Avenue and 23rd Street, is a tertiary care facility and provides care in all medical and surgical specialties. The Facility provides state-of-the-art imaging services. The Facility has been a leader in the implementation of the “patient medical home” as well as telemedicine and teleradiology services. There is an active onsite medical simulation laboratory used by residents and students. The VA Neurology Service is an active consultative service. Residents also participate in ambulatory clinics in general neurology and multiple subspecialties.